A Sundowner for everyone

Surfers looking for a soft board that works well but don’t need a heavy-duty school board are well-served with any of these four sizes available:

6’6″ – 45 Liters
7’0″ – 50 Liters
8’0″ – 61 Liters
9’0″ – 86 Liters

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Also for surfers traveling, and not wanting to rely on last-minute rentals or for families in need of a softboard that everyone can use. The Sundowner is light and surfs well and combined with solid FTU fin boxes so you can choose the fins you want to use are a proven recipe for fun.

All Sundowners come with a thruster setup and three FTU-compatible fins, except for the 9’0″ which is supplied with the patented Click Fin system. What makes the Click Fin great is that you conveniently set it up on the beach – no tools required. Learn more about the Click Fin functionality here.

And adding a simple washer and screw will allow you to secure your click fin the old-fashioned way too.

Soft alternatives to the Sundowner

NSP also offers the P2 Soft series, with its P2 Soft Surf Wide really standing out as the board that is designed for 365 days of hard use. It features handles for guidance and countless other smart design elements that will drastically increase the learning curve. New for this year, we also created the Teacher’s Pet, another soft board that benefits from key teaching elements like the standing guide for better pop-ups and stance.


Accessories Included

  • 9" tool-less dolphin click fin on the 9'0"

  • 3X FTU-flex fins (Futures compatible)

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
6'6"22"2 ⁵/⁸"45 Liters4.22 Kg
7'0"22"2 ³/⁴"50 Liters4.69 Kg
8'0"22 ⁹/¹⁶"2 ⁷/⁸"61 Liters5.47 Kg
9'0"24"3 ¹/⁴"86 Liters8.64 Kg


Colour Options

NSP Sundowner 2024 colours

How it's built

Sundowner design:

• Thermoformed PE Deck and Rail
• Molded EPS Core with integrated fiberglass-reinforced bamboo stringers
• 2 stringers on 6’6 / 7’0 / 8’0 / 3 stringers / 9’0
• PE Slick Bottom
• 9′ comes with screwless US-box Click Fin

2022 Sundowner Construction

Sundowner Features

Sundowner Gallery

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    Bag details

    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    Board sock 6'6"6'6” x stretchy6'6"
    Board sock 7'0"7'0” x stretchy7'0"
    Board sock 8'0"8'0” x stretchy8'0"
    Board sock 6'6"9'0” x stretchy9'0"
    Surf Day 7'0" 4mm218 x 66 cm6'6" and 7'0"
    Surf Day 8'6" 4mm270 x 68 cm8'0"
    Surf Day 9'6" 4mm298 x 70 cm9'0"
    Surf Travel 7'0"219 x 67 cm6'6" and 7'0"
    Surf Travel 8'6"271 x 69 cm8'0"
    Surf Travel 9'6"300 x 71 cm90"

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