Teacher’s Pet

The Teacher’s Pet is made-to-learn

This range of boards is designed by some of the best surf instructors from around the globe. These are shapes that are specifically designed for first-timers to paddle out on, either in a school context with an instructor, or as a private owner.

Accentuated front- and rear rockers make this board paddle easy and the extra “spoon”  is going to take the drop better than most boards out there (no more beginners nose digging or “wheelies”). The board also comes with a 9-inch dolphin fin that tracks perfectly while turning with ease on the wave. Best of all, these fins can be mounted and removed without tools. Instructors wanting to demonstrate something on the beach without damaging or bending the fin will really appreciate this feature.

A “Learn-to-Surf” setup with its positioning marks for paddling, hand placement and ultimately foot placement is an instructor favourite as it takes guesswork and bad habits out of the learning process.


Accessories Included

  • 9" tool-less dolphin click fin

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Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
7'0"22 ¹/²"3 ¹/⁴"66 Liters5.4 kg
8'4"23 ¹/²"3 ³/⁴"93 Liters7.1 kg
10'0"24 ¹/²"3 ¹/²"123 Liters11.2 kg


How it's built

Teacher’s Pet design

• Thermoformed PE deck and rail
• Learn to Surf teaching guides with textured deck for easy hand placement
• Multi-textured ridges on the tail for easy learning and foot positions
• CNC-cut and hand-finished EPS core with integrated fibreglass-reinforced bamboo stringers
• Bamboo stringers: 7’0 (2) / 8’4 (3) / 10’0 (4)
• PE slick bottom
• Bolt-through leash plug
• Extra strong nose and tail reinforcement on 10’0
• Bottom handle on all boards

The Teacher’s Pet brings a sense of security, increases both ride and wave count for beginners and drastically increases progress, thanks to its built-to-learn design.

In a sport that hasn’t changed much in over 30 years, the Teacher’s Pet offers quality and confidence, allowing beginners to progress faster than ever.

Straight A’s with the all-new Teacher’s Pet!

Teacher's Pet Features

Teacher's Pet Action

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