Sonic Pro Carbon

Downwind, recessed board allowing you to effortlessly link bump after bump

The 2019 Sonic performs in up- and crosswind conditions and is designed specifically as an open-water, downwind race board. It doesn’t compromise for maximum performance, with a pintail and recessed deck, the centre of gravity is lowered. Along with an optimised width, this is the most stable Sonic to date.

A Sonic performs best when you hit some chop or string together bump after bump on big ocean swells.

The 14/25.5 model is a more stable and comfortable version of the 14/24 . Consider this:
If a rider is not used to being in front of the pack in an elite field or simply battles for a win in a specific age group, this athlete will most certainly be faster on the 14/25.5 than the 14/24.


All 2019 Sonics use the same rocker line as the 2018 models, 14/24 and 14/25.5.
Pin-tailed and typically have more nose rocker to suit downwind conditions.
The 2019 Sonic is using a new concept, a bottom that combines the added stability of the 2018 model and the extreme glide of our dominating Molokai designs.

For 2019, the Sonic does no longer include the narrower lower rocker version that the Sonic 14/23 had in 2018. You can find elements of that shape in the brand new Carolina model.


The NSP 20, 22 and 24 racing fins are designed to deliver top performance: Expect excellent tracking, stability, efficiency, speed and easy acceleration.

The Sonic comes with neoprene handles on several balanced fixture points.  4 Drain holes quickly expel excess water from the dugout. A patented GORE® vent near the GoPro (or GPS) fixture point prevents a pressure build-up, allowing oxygen to pass but keeping out moisture.

Accessories Included

  • Race 22 for 12'6, 14'x23", 14'x24"

  • Race 24 for 14'0x25.5"

2019 Sonic Pro Carbon

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
12'6''24.5''Recessed Deck257TBD
14'0''23''Recessed Deck292TBD
14'0''24''Recessed Deck300TBD
14'0''25.5''Recessed Deck324TBD

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