The SLX DC Surf X is becoming our teamrider go-to-board. Pros and experienced paddlers have come to appreciate the performance of the DC Surf X all over the globe in some of the very best spots in the world.

The tail of the DC Surf X enjoys some significant changes, like the slightly widened tail. The addition of the four channels in the bottom generates speed, while the swallowtail loosens up the tail for greater manoeuvrability. The SLX DC Super X benefits from the same design elements.

Single concave ensures speed and agility, which is why pros like Ty Judson and Annie Reickert reach for the SLX DC Surf X when the surf is big.

• Our DC Surf range now features eco-friendly Paulonia wood deck and flax rails for added strength and durability; keeping in line with our brand’s eco-friendly/sustainability initiatives.
• swallowtail loosens up the tail, creating that twin-like ride.
• Straight speed channels provide a quicker route to the tail of the board, generating speed.
• Performance riders will appreciate the extra grip with our newly designed Thermoformed EVA tail kick pad with center arch.

A teamrider favourite, developed for riders who’s skills have outgrown larger designs. Get ready for an uncompromised riding experience!

The 7’2” is a perfect step-up board from the 6’10. It’s fast and turns on a dime. Benefits from the swallow tail and upgraded flax rails for more durability.

Designed for experienced riders up to 75kg, the 7’8” benefits from the swallowtail and upgraded rails for more durability.

Designed for experienced riders up to 85kg, the 7’8” benefits from the swallowtail and upgraded rails for more durability.

Designed for experienced riders up to 90kg, the 8’6” benefits from the swallowtail and upgraded rails for more durability.

Accessories Included

  • 3x NSP J5 RTM fins

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
6'10"233 7/8”68 Liters5.39
7'2''26.753 7/8”82 Liters5.74
7'8''273 7/8”85 Liters5.79
8'2''27.54 1/8”103 Liters6.32
8'6''284 1/2”120 Liters7.23

Bag details

Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
Surf day bag 7'0" 4mm218 x 66 cm6'10"
Surf day bag 7'4" 4mm229 x 68 cm7'2"
SUP Surf day bag 7'8" 4mm245 x 80 cm7'8"
SUP Surf day bag 8'3" 4mm265 x 97 cm8'2"
SUP Surf day bag 9'0" 4mm285 x 91 cm8'6"
Surf travel bag 7'0" 8mm219 x 67 cm6'10"
Surf travel bag 7'4" 8mm230 x 69 cm7'2"
SUP Surf travel bag 7'8" 8mm246 x 81 cm7'8"
SUP Surf travel bag 8'3" 8mm266 x 98 cm8'2"
SUP Surf travel bag 9'0" 8mm286 x 92 cm8'6"

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