Waist Leash

A waist leash is recommended for use with the NSP 6″/10″ coiled SUP leashes for SUP racing or the NSP 6″/8″ surf leash for foiling. Easy velcro adjustments to fit your size and a quick release from the frontal buckle clip.

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Our SUP Waist Leash is the perfect solution for SUP racing and foiling.

  • High-quality nylon webbing belt
  • Comfortable neoprene front liner
  • Swivel mount to avoid tangling up
  • Quick-release urethane clip
  • One size fits all
  • Compatible with all NSP leashes



Waist Leash Options

Waist belt 2021 and 2022

Waist Leash with Surf and SUP leash

Why use a waist leash?

Anyone’s familiar with popping up and finding your leash under either foot or worse, tangled up around your leg. It’s a distraction you don;’t need, and especially in high-stress racing environments, a coiled leash avoids you stepping on your leash cord, compromising your balance.

To keep any leash consistently away from your standing area, a waist belt makes all the difference. Always pointing away from your body, you get to focus on your racing, your balance and style exclusively.

It’s like your leash isn’t there!

waist leash

Waist Leash with Surf and SUP leash

Leash sold separately

Surf leash available in 6′, 8′, 9′ and 10′

Waist Belt with SUP Coil leash

Leash sold separately

SUP Coil available in 6′ (7mm) and 10′ (7 mm)

How to use

Waist Leash Features

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