Surfing Australia Announces NSP Surfboards as Official Surfboard of Woolworths SurfGroms


Casuarina, Australia (May 17, 2023) Surfing Australia is proud to announce NSP Surfboards as the official Surfboard partner of the Woolworths SurfGroms program, kicking off with the season launch in September.

Created in 2001, NSP Surfboards is a global surf brand designing quality, durable and easy to ride boards that are perfect not only for groms, but their range of boards will grow with them as their skill level advances.

“Woolworths SurfGroms offers kids 5-12 years old the opportunity to learn to surf while developing strong ocean awareness and beach safety skills at a very influential period in their lives. Learning on a great performing, affordable and durable softboard like NSP Surfboards is key to their success, so partnering with one of the world’s largest brands in recreational surfing is crucial to the program. We’ll be working with surf schools across Australia to introduce the NSP offering and we can’t wait to see them in action!”
Surfing Australia Head of Partnerships, Clarissa Pike

About NSP P2 Soft boards

The NSP P2 Softboard range is manufactured to not only last, but is designed to help learners gain confidence, get on their feet real quick and enjoy surfing.  They are the ultimate board for riders to fall in love with surfing.

“NSP is stoked to work with Surfing Australia and Surf Groms.  The world’s best learn-to-surf program working together with the brand that more surfers have begun their surfing journey on than any other. For over 22 years, NSP has been synonymous with supplying boards that pair functional design and unrivalled durability.  Our P2 softboard range is recognised globally for exactly this and we can’t wait to supply them to the Surf Groms network to help the next generation of Aussie Surfers on their way.”
NSP Global Brand Manager, Chris Chamberlain

“We’re so stoked to welcome NSP Surfboards to the Surfing Australia family. Woolworths SurfGroms is a critical breeding ground for the next generation of surfers who learn a skill for life. With support from prestigious brands like NSP Surfboards, we can continue to provide a world-class national learn to surf program across hundreds of beaches nationally.”
Surfing Australia CEO, Chris Mater

About SurfGroms

An initiative by Surfing Australia, SurfGroms programs cater to Australian groms between the ages of 5-12 years old. Whilst the younger surfers and paddlers are still developing fundamental movements such as balance, agility and coordination; the older kids are far more developed both mentally and physically, requiring a different approach when learning new skills.

Woolworths SurfGroms programs are available through the Surfing Australia Surf Schools Network with more than 60 delivery partners around the country, available through their website.  Since Woolworths SurfGroms was launched in October 2011, more than 120,000 Australian children have experienced the thrill of surfing for the first time.

To find out more about the different sizes and construction of the NSP P2 Soft boards click here.


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