Paddling upwind – TIP OF THE WEEK #4

Each week, leading up to the start of the racing season, Team Rider Christian Andersen will be sharing essential race training secrets by posting his “Tip of the Week”. The third tip is about paddling upwind.

Have a look at the video and read along, then check back each week for the next sequence of tips. If you have any questions or suggestions for tips you want to learn more about, send Christian a message; his channels are listed at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Move further toward the front of your board. This will help your board cut better through the wind waves. If it’s a steep wave, you might need to step back on your board to get over the wave.
  2. Lower your center of gravity. Going lower on your board will not only help with balance but also decrease wind resistance a bit.
  3. Use shorter, quicker strokes. Using a higher cadence will help your board stay at speed, and it will be easier to keep moving forward. This is especially important when going over a wave, in between bigger waves I still use longer strokes sometimes. Similar to using a lower gear when going uphill on a bike.
  4. Twist your paddle doing the recovery phase. This will create the least amount of resistance. The blade should slice through the air.

Extra tip: When paddling in windy conditions, it’s generally better to start paddling upwind and finish paddling downwind.

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The creator of the “Tip of the Week” is Christian “Polar Bear” Andersen, NSP Team Rider and overall nice guy from Denmark.

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