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NSP Signs three new riders

With a tremendous year in racing, NSP is eager to strengthen its position as the dominating brand in competitive paddleboarding in 2023 with three new riders.

In addition to superstar athletes Titouan Puyo, Ty Judson and Travis Grant, NSP is proud and excited to announce the new members of the NSP Team:

Bodie von Allmen – USA

In 2022, Bodie was the youngest paddler on the APP tour. Bodie came to SUP at an early age, competing at the Pacific Paddle Games when he was just 10 years old.

Bodie lives in Lake Oswego, USA, embracing the waterman lifestyle with a daily paddle and a never-ending fascination for board sports, environmentalism and the science of endurance training.

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Bodie Von Allmen

Duna Gordillo – Spain

Duna made a similar mark on the racing scene in Europe, racking up a range of 1st and 2nd places in some of the most important events on the Calendar.

Starting at the tender age of 9, Duna has competed in Stand-Up Paddleboarding for ten years now and continues to improve and refine her techniques and performance.

Living in Mallorca on one of the prettiest beaches on the island, Duna has an immense training facility in her backyard, serving up daily conditions.

1st place Puerto Rico
Duna truly stepped into the SUP limelight with her 1st place in long distance and 6th place in the technical at the, ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championship in Puerto Rico.

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Duna Gordillo Profile

Christian Andersen – Denmark

Klitmøller isn’t just named “Cold Hawaii” for nothing; the little Danish town is very deserving of its nickname as numerous athletes call this 1000+ village their home. Christian was no different,  excelling at sports from a young age onwards.

Like Duna and Bodie, Stand Up Paddling made an appearance at the ten-year mark, and Christian “Polar Bear” Andersen has been a rising force in SUP racing ever since.

Soft-spoken on land, Christian is a ruthless competitor on the water. “I am extremely excited to join the NSP Family and work alongside legends like T2 and Travis.”

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Christian Andersen - Denmark


NSP wants to invest in a new generation of up-and-coming racing talent. The new 12’6” Ninja for the junior racing class is one step to support the next generation of racers, signing Duna, Christian and Bodie is another important step forward.

NSP is confident that the Team is going to grab their share of podium finishes in the foreseeable future, while their collective experience and performance will help NSP develop the best racing equipment on the tour.