Bundjalung Country, Fingal Head, NSW, Australia- At NSP Surfboards, we’re driven by a vision rooted in inclusivity, empowerment, and a deep connection to the surfing community.  As we strive to turn our vision into a reality, we’re excited when we have the opportunity to work with organizations such as Juraki Surf Culture that align perfectly with our mission to shape a more united and world that sees everyone embracing the water sports lifestyle.

Meet Juraki Surf Culture

A remarkable Indigenous Not-For-Profit organization that’s charting a transformative course within the Australian surf landscape. Rooted in the aspiration to bridge cultural divides and offer Indigenous youth avenues that align with their heritage, Juraki Surf Culture is a beacon of change in action. It’s a privilege for NSP Surfboards to assist them in a very small way by providing equipment that helps them to achieve this.

“Mind blown 🤯🤯🤯 when we first started Juraki, the grom’s were all sharing whatever boards we could find laying around. So to wake up to a van packed with boards, has just blown us away. The Fun boards have arrived and we can’t wait to get out there 🌊A huge THANK YOU to the legends at @nspsurfnsup @nspaus for the incredible support, STOKED!!!” ~ Juraki Surf Culture

To see our boards used for Juraki Saltwater day and the joy that being in the ocean gives has been incredible.

NSP’s vision statement is “To inspire people of all ages and skill levels worldwide to get on the water enjoying nature, embracing the water sports culture and lifestyle, through well-designed, durable and high-value gear made for everyone”.

“We love that Juraki shares our passion to get people on the water and so stoked that the Protech boards are working well for this purpose.” ~ Chris Chamberlin, NSP Brand Manager

Saltwater Day Juraki