Changing of the Guard at the ICF World Championships?

The ICF World Championships organized by the International Canoe Federation (ICF) are about to take place in Southeast Asia. It’s a marquee event in the world of stand-up paddleboarding, where elite athletes from around the globe converge to showcase their skills and compete for top honors. This year, as the competition unfolds in the picturesque setting of Thailand, a fascinating narrative is emerging – the Changing of the Guard.


Not only is this the first time a SUP event of this magnitude is being hosted in Asia (pretty sure 600+ competitors is a record), we are getting ready to see our experienced NSP paddle boarders going head-to-head with a long list of an emerging generation of rising stars from Spain, Denmark, USA, Portugal, Japan and many other nations. This meeting of seasoned expertise and youthful enthusiasm provides a distinctive opportunity for mutual learning, all set against the backdrop of their intense competition for the World Titles in Sprint, Long Distance, and Technical racing.


As our seasoned NSP riders share their wisdom and experience with the younger generation, the newcomers bring with them fresh ideas, unbridled passion, and remarkable achievements. This dynamic exchange of knowledge and energy creates an environment of growth and evolution in the world of stand-up paddleboarding and one thing is for sure, we’re excited to see how it all plays out in Pattaya.

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Meet Some of Our Seasoned Riders going to the ICF World Championships

Titouan Puyo, France

Titouan Puyo, the French paddleboarding legend, is a seasoned veteran in the sport. With numerous international titles and a reputation for his remarkable paddling skills, he is an inspiration to paddlers worldwide. His calm demeanour and sportsmanship make him a role model for both the seasoned and younger generation of athletes.


Follow Titouan on his channels below:


T2 & Cheetah ICF World Championships

Ty Judson, Australia

Hailing from the land down under, Ty Judson is another name synonymous with excellence in paddleboarding. Looking for his first world title, Ty’s journey in the sport has been marked by resilience and determination. His insights into competitive strategy and physical conditioning are invaluable to his fellow athletes.


Follow Ty on his channels below:


Ty Judson ICF World Championships

Daniel Parres, Spain

Dani Parres, the Spanish powerhouse, boasts multiple world titles in paddleboarding. Known for his exceptional achievements and experience in the sport, Dani takes immense pride in his role as a mentor, teaching, and coaching the next generation of paddleboarders. His contributions extend beyond the race course as he nurtures and inspires young talents in the sport.


Follow Dani on his channels below:


Daniel Parres ICF World Championships

Laura Quetglas, Spain

On the women’s side, Laura Quetglas has been instrumental in the development of riders hailing from Mallorca, fostering a sense of community among local athletes. Her unwavering commitment to the sport and dedication to promoting women’s participation in paddleboarding make her a role model for female athletes around the world.


Follow Laura on her channels below:


ICF World Championships Laura

Meet Some of Our Rising Stars going to the ICF World Championships

Christian Andersen, Denmark

Christian Andersen, a rising star from Denmark, brings a fresh perspective and a hunger for success. His innovative approach to training and racing has been turning heads, and he’s seen as a beacon for the future of paddleboarding.


Follow Christian on his channels below:


Christian at Madeira SUP Race

Duna Gordillo, Spain

Duna Gordillo has already reached the ranks of world champion, a testament to her remarkable talent and relentless pursuit of excellence. She is poised to be a guiding star for the younger generation, thanks to her extraordinary achievements.


Follow Duna on her channel below:


Duna Gordillo at Sevilla

Tomás Lacerda, Portugal

Tomás Lacerda hails from Portugal and has been on a remarkable journey, further fueled by the recent passing of his father. This deeply personal motivation has him determined to win and make his family proud. Tomás is coming off a recent victory in the sprints at the European Championships and his triumph in Europe has marked him as a top contender in Thailand.


Follow Christian on his channels below:


Tomas at Madeira SUP Race

Bodie von Allmen, USA

Bodie Von Allmen, hailing from Portland, Oregon, USA, faces a unique challenge in his paddleboarding journey. With few major events to compete within the USA, Bodie is determined to make his mark on the international stage. This quiet, determined and youngest force has chosen to take on the elite ranks, skipping the junior division at the upcoming ICF World Championships.


Follow Bodie on his channels below:


Blue Ewer, United Kingdom

Blue Ewer, hailing from the United Kingdom, is a rising star and the current UK National Champion in sprints, long-distance, and technical races. With an impressive array of national titles under his belt, Blue is determined to set his mark on the global stage. His exceptional achievements and unwavering dedication to the sport make him a standout contender in the international paddleboarding community.


Follow Blue on his channels below:


Blue Ewer ICF World Championships

Antonio Morillo, Spain

Antonio Morillo from Spain is a young racer with exceptional promise. His recent second-place finish in the Technicals at the European Championships played a pivotal role in helping Spain secure the overall victory. Antonio’s contributions to the team’s success showcase his talent and determination to excel on the international stage, making him a name to watch in Thailand and beyond.


Follow Antonio on his channels below:


Antonio Morillo ICF World Championships

The changing of the guard in Thailand is a testament to the enduring nature of the sport, where each level of athlete learns something valuable from one another, ensuring that this thrilling sport continues to flourish and captivate audiences worldwide and for years to come.


Join us in Pattaya, Thailand, from November 15-19, 2023, for the electrifying ICF World Championships. Who will rise to claim the coveted titles, what are your predictions. Don’t miss this thrilling competition hosted by the #2023ICFSUPWorldChampionships #SUPbyRCAT and #SUPWorldinPattaya


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