Allrounder Cocoflax review

Allrounder CocoFlax review by SUP International (UK)

It’s good to see the Allrounder Cocoflax Review

In the Spring Issue of SUP International, a range of four SUP boards were tested, made by market-leading manufacturers. Three were hardboards and one was inflatable. SUP International has agreed to let us publish the Allrounder Cocoflax review on our own site, so here goes nothing:

NSP are historically known for producing durable, practical boards that work and since the introduction of Dale Chapman’s influence a few years ago, high-performance race boards of notable flare. The Cocoflax allrounder blends both of these pedigrees in a well-imagined and beautifully finished board that is a solid all-water platform and a great introductory surfboard too.

NSP have been in charge of their own manufacturing since their beginnings and this is reflected in the Allrounder’s construction: all fin boxes and fittings are visible through the glass and set flush with incredible precision. The Cocoflax deck and rails are unique in looks and function and the deck is finished off with a nose-camera mount, lugs for securing a PFD and the deck-pad with thoughtful tail-kick contours. Carries an obvious all-rounder shape though with a little more width in the tail.

Allrounder Cocoflax review

“The Cocoflax’s wave-catching ability is formidable”
SUP International

NSP’s ultimate all-round SUP – the perfect blend of fun and wave performance and flatware paddling glide makes this board a trendsetter in the market and now available in our Cocoflax technology, NSP’s most environmentally-friendly construction with natural flax fiber rail tape, and uses raw coconut husk fibres from naturally sustainable plantations. Awarded at the 2019 Paddle Expo as “Product of the Year”, this technology is at the vanguard of green surfboard technology.

Bright, smart graphics compliment the organic Cocoflax tones for a sophisticated look for this Allrounder Cocoflax review. Premium fins and fittings and level of finish further demonstrate the high quality.

The Allrounder is unpretentious in its performance promises; it has a foot comfortably in several camps: cruises surf, day touring, fitness and family outings with the dog.

We reckon it’s a great investment for a first board which will offer deeper progression than the inflatable equivalent. The NSP has a wider tail than some more surf-focussed boards in this bracket and you will feel that with stiffer handling on faster waves, but that’s not really relatable to the conditions this board is intended for and it lends it true 10’6″ versatile appeal.

It is very stable and easy to paddle and the low waterline further helps balance. The Cocoflax’s wave catching ability is formidable: you can get way forward on the deck and hack away without the board veering off target – this really is a fine product to start the surf journey.

From the first few strokes in this Allrounder Cocoflax review, the board reveals itself to be a great recreational board for those that want to do a bit of everything. If you’re not constrained by storage / transport and don’t have to go the inflatable route, this 10’6″ allrounder has versatility across many styles of paddling and would earn a very long-term place in your quiver, possibly even on its own.

Boards specs (board provided):

length: 10’6″
Width: 32.5″
Volume: 187.7 Liters
Weight: 10kg
Fins: 2x FCS M3, 1x Cocofin 8″

“From the first few strokes the CocoFlax reveals itself to be a great recreational board for those that want to do a bit of everything”
SUP International – Allrounder Cocoflax review