The Cheater Nature Flex

Designed by Carl Schaper, The Cheater is your mid-length that can fill multiple slots in a quiver. Whether in CSE construction or Nature Flex, a Cheater even works as a single board collection: Wide enough, with enough volume to work well in average surf, your Cheater lights up when the power comes on as well.

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Progress from your longboards with The Cheater

A solid choice as an all-around board for almost all conditions and abilities, it is just as much a perfect board to transition down with from your regular longboard.

Bottom: Soft roll to mid-V to double concave
Rider: Intermediate – pro
Wave Type: All conditions


Beautiful outlines combined with relaxed nose rockers, classic roll to V with double concaves in the tail combine to give you that “easy in” with loads of rail-to-rail performance.


The Cheater comes in a 4+1 fin configuration enabling you to be creative in your set-up as a quad or thruster.

With a Surf 10 center fun positioned slightly further back, you get to set up a Cheater as a thruster as well. These shapes come with FTU fin boxes and are 100% compatible with Futures® Fins (fins not included).


Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
7'0"20³/⁴"2³/⁴"44.2 Liters4.35 Kg EST
7'6"21¹/⁴"2⁷/⁸"50.7 Liters4.66 Kg EST
8'0"21³/⁴"3"57.7 Liters5.40 Kg EST


The Cheater Construction

The Cheater Nature Flex construction diagram

NSP’s Nature Flex technology is the latest in our eco-friendly line of surfboard constructions. Building on our great response to Carl Schaper’s range of CSE boards, consumers will now have an eco-alternative for the CSE The Cheater.

Nature Flex lay-ups consist of a strong, SecureCell EPS core, which benefits the environment by minimizing foam cut-offs and foam dust waste. The core is reinforced with a 6mm bamboo wood stringer and wrapped in strong, durable, and warp-resistant Paulownia wood skin.

The result is a state-of-the-art shape with an eco-friendly footprint and a classic design.

Nature Flex Construction diagram

The Cheater Features

– Perfect nose shape and rocker for easy entry
– Beautiful pinstripe accent
– 4x FTU fin boxes and surf 10 box
– Strong, durable, and lightweight Paulownia wood skin


The Cheater Profile

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Bag details

Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
Board sock 7'0" 7'0" x stretchy 7'0"
Board sock 7'6" 7'6" x stretchy 7'6"
Board sock 8'0" 8'0" x stretchy 8'0"
Surf day bag 7'0" 4mm 219 x 67 cm 7'0"
Surf day bag 7'10" 4mm 249 x 68 cm 7'6"
Surf day bag 8'6" 4mm 270 x 68 cm 8'0"
Surf travel bag 7'0" 8mm 219 x 67 cm 7'0"
Surf travel bag 7'10" 8mm 249 x 68 cm 7'6"
Surf travel bag 8'6" 8mm 270 x 68 cm 8'0"

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