Longboard Protech

The longboard Protech is part of the refreshed NSP Longboard range: A perfect addition to any surfer’s quiver and an exceptional shape for longboard surfers looking to fast-track their skills.

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The NSP Longboard Protech is a proven shape in premium construction, at a very attractive price point. Riders looking for the same classic shape but in a slightly heavier and more ding-resistant construction should look into the Longboard Elements or Longboard E+.

Longboard Protech design

• Newly designed reinforced carbon tail patch helps tune the tail flex, mimicking the flex patterns of pro customs
• The best in versatile longboard performance, using technically advanced construction at extremely attractive retail prices
• A classic shape for swooping bottom turns high trim lines, and drop knee cutbacks.
• New sharper rails in the tail, modern performance rocker combined with mellow V bottom blended with a subtle double concave
• Easy board to trim on the wave and dynamic when riding off the tail.

Constructed in NSP’s high-performance Protech technology with a 36g molded SecureCell EPS core with custom wet lamination.

NSP’s tint lamination process gives each board a unique, artistic, and custom-like finish. Go check them out at your local shop – it’s a visually appealing longboard.

The new Longboard Protech has 2 FTU fin boxes (all compatible with Futures® Fins) and comes out of the box with 2 MFC-designed side bites and one 8” center fin.

High-Performance accessories by NSP
Scroll to the bottom of the page for other longboard shapes by NSP and suitable high-performance accessories for your longboard.


Accessories Included

  • Nylon Fin 8 Grey

    1X NSP Nylon 8" center fin

  • MFC Designed Side Fin

    2x MFC-designed FTU side fins (New)

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
8'0"22"2 ³/⁴"56.9 Liters4.79 Kg
8'6"22 ¹/⁴"2 ⁷/⁸"64.4 Liters5.28 Kg
9'0"22 ³/⁴"3"73.2 Liters5.77 Kg


Longboard Protech Colour Options

NSP Longboard Protech 2024 colour options
White tint (new)Indigo tint (new)White tintRed tintMoroccan Blue tint

Longboard Protech Construction

• Custom finish
• Secure cell 36g EPS Core
• 6 + 6 oz deck
• 6 + 6 oz + 6 + 6 oz
• Carbon-reinforced tail patch for exceptional flex control
• Exceptional value
• UV-stable resin
• Available in NSP’s FTU (compatible with Futures® Fins) on all models.
• 2+1 Fin configuration

2022 Protech Construction

Jonesy talks Longboard Protech

Longboard Profile

Longboard Protech Features

Longboard Protech Gallery

Longboard Protech Reviews

The video by Sorted Surf Shop is a little older but really illustrates the difference between Elements and Protech well, and we should include a link to Samphire Surf who published an in-depth look at Protech Construction under this link.

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    Bag details

    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    Board sock 8'0"8'0" x stretchy8'0"
    Board sock 8'6"8'6" x stretchy8'0"
    Board sock 9'0"9'0" x stretchy9'0"
    Surf Day Bag 8'6" 4mm271 x 698'0" / 8'6"
    Surf Day Bag 9'6" 4mm118 x 289'0"
    Surf Travel Bag 8'6" 4mm271 x 698'0" / 8'6"
    Surf Travel Bag 9'6" 4mm118 x 289'0"

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