Mini Tuttle Fin Adapter

NSP’s Mini Tuttle Fin Adapter solves a common problem for riders looking to upgrade an older surfboard with new fins.

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Due to the original Mini Tuttle fins no longer being available on the market, upgrading your fins requires you to source a second-hand set,  but now, you can simply mount NSP’s Mini Tuttle Fin Adapter and use any conventional two-tab your local conditions require!

Mini Tuttle Fins no longer needed

The Mini Tuttle Fins offered convenience and fast removal thanks to its single-bolt system. Unfortunately, the system is no longer in use and we do no longer offer Mini Tuttle Fin replacement sets. As a perfect solution though, these MT Fin Adapter sets solve the very same issue, at a fraction of the cost.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for alternative high-performance fins by NSP – note: these FTU fins are not compatible with the Mini Tuttle Fin Adapter, with the exception of the NSP RTM twin tab fins. 



Who is the Mini Tuttle Fin Adapter Set for?

There are countless surfboards in the market featuring the Mini Tuttle fin systems and currently, it is very difficult to get a hold of a set of Mini Tuttle Fins as they are no longer in production. But surfers who can’t surf their board(s) because they don’t have Mini Tuttle fins or may have damaged one or more of their MT fins can easily order one of these MT Fin Adapter sets.

One secured from the deck, any two-tab fin set can be mounted – you and your older surfboard are good to go within minutes!

Note that there are several SUP boards in the market with a classic 2+1 setup, requiring at least two of the three adapters in this package to be converted to two-tab sidebites.

I want to be 100% sure the Mini Tuttle Fin Adapter Set fits my board – what does the Mini Tuttle Finbox look like?

Great question – the unique feature of Mini Tuttle Fins and their box is that they are top-mounted. They feature a single screw, and when you remove a fin, a Mini Tuttle Finbox looks like this:

Features of the Mini Tuttle Fin Adapter Set

– Standard, brass M6 thread (euro) to mount the adapter
– Standard hex to mount 2-tab fins
– Three adapters per set
– Made from solid Pa6 nylon, standard for injection moulding

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