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Birthday: Febuary 12

Home Spot: Sunshine Coast, Australia

Disciplines: All water-related activities

Sponsors: NSP, Beach Beat, 12 Round Fitness – Sippy Downs, Blue Moon Property



Born and raised in suburbs north of Brisbane, Australia, started nippers (junior lifesaving) for the Alexandra Surf Life Saving Club at age 5, whereby had become fond of the ocean and learning the skills as a lifesaver. I have been able to be a part of multiple Sunshine Coast and Queensland representative teams and have achieved multiple State and National medals during my competitive lifesaving career.

During my lifesaving period, my dad introduced me to the art and love of surfing from a young age because I was always surfing on my body board and racing paddle boards. Dad taught me the importance of always controlling my surf craft having me surf without a leg rope which grew my confidence whereby at times would surf without a leash in large and powerful surf conditions rolling down the point. Mother nature will always win, so always relax and remain calm if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation.

Dad and I joined the Alexandra Headland Malibu Club at age 13, whereby I surf alongside fellow club members today. These members also enjoy similar hobbies with drone photography and filming, where we can enjoy their clips posted on my and NSP’s social media profiles. I was offered a surfing sponsorship in my early teens, however, had a different direction as at the time my heart and mind were focused in competitive ironman racing. Who would have known where surfing has become and recognised as a sport, my mind often wonders, “what if…?” – if I had taken the sport of surfing pathway, where would I be today…. I continued to surf and travel the globe surfing different waves and surfboard creators for the next 20+ years as my own sponsor.

Joining NSP…
It was the start of the year in 2021 (January) where fellow friend and NSP Team Rider Paul ‘Jonesy’ Jones has approached me on the headland while we were pondering paddling out in the current cyclonic ground swell conditions. It was really a no brainer as we were definitely going out, but Jonesy had asked
me to try his personal Carl Schaper Pro9 model as feels the board is designed for riders like myself. It would have been my first EPU board ever ridden. I picked the board up, glanced over with my eyes, felt the rails, and said that there was no way that this board was going to float me, yet even be able to ride it, but Jonesy reassured me and educated me on the board, so decided to give it a crack.

As I paddled out through the lineup, I could feel that the board was fast, just needed to get my first set wave, and after I did – I asked to buy the board from him that day. I just feel lucky to have NSP support their existing team members branching out to myself, and be given an opportunity to be a part of the NSP family now.

I look forward to pushing myself and the boards limits in critical situations on the wave showcasing that perfect shot of what can be achieved on a performance 8′ or 9 foot longboard. I look forward to surfing with you.




Pro-9 Deck


NSP CSE Butter Knife Deck



  • 2nd place in men longboard at Queensland Surf Festival
Tristan Hamson