NSP visits the Mentawai Islands

NSP visits the Mentawai Islands

With thanks to the crew and friends at www.ratumotu.com NSP Surf recently visited some of the most secluded beaches on the planet on the Mentawai Islands, 150 kilometers off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The beauty of a simple bonfire on the beach after an amazing surf session  with friends and family reminds us all of the importance to stop, relax, take a deep breath and enjoy life!

The NSP Cocomat boards were right at home perched next to the local breed of virgin coconut palms… and even more at home in the epic surf conditions!


The crew of the 129 foot power yacht Ratu Motu took great care of us, creating an unforgettable experience within Indonesia’s mecca of private, idyllic surfing spots, 100’s of miles from the regular tourist spots!

With crystalline waves breaking on its shores all year-round, Indonesia is a water wonderland with endless breaks, reefs and islands to explore.  It’s no easy feat to navigate an archipelago that contains over 18,000 islands, but with thanks to www.ratumotu.com you too can journey to these unexplored, pristine beaches, waking to a different break each day!

To join the Ratu Motu and crew, visit their website or visit their facebook  and instagram pages for a truely unforgettable experience!

Also big thanks to Erik Soderqvist for the great photos!