Dream Rider CocoFlax

The Dream Rider CocoFlax is a more stand-out alternative to regular mid-length funboards. Customers looking for key design elements like rail wing accents and pintail performance are well served with a Dream Rider CocoFlax.

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The Dream Rider in CocoFlax has a bit more rocker than its PU cousin, giving riders easier access to steeper waves.

Rail: Full, tucked edge
Bottom: Flat Vee
Ideal waves: 1- 6ft
Level: Beginner – Expert

Dream Rider Design:

• The NSP Dream Rider is a Kym Thompson shape and in terms of performance, Dream Rider shapes are designed for both aspiring surfers and intermediate surfers, looking to catch more waves and improve their skills in the fastest way possible.
• Stable and performance-oriented for fast-tracking skills, ample nose area which adds paddle power for easy wave catching and driving in smaller waves.
• The exotic double rail wing rounded pintail maximizes stability and shortens the radius of the turn giving a quicker and snappier riding board.


The Dream Rider CocoFlax comes with FTU fin boxes (compatible with Futures® fins). For high-performance accessories for your Dream Rider or interesting alternative shapes, scroll to the bottom of this page.


Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
7'2"21"2 ¹/²"42.4 Liters3.84 Kg
7'6"21 ¹/²"2 ¹/²"48.9 Liters4.23 Kg


Dream Rider CocoFlax Colour Options

FlaxTail Dip BlueFlaxFlax Toffee

CocoFlax Construction

The Dream Rider is a premium funboard shape, built with award-winning technology. This means the materials used in the construction not only look good; they are also considerably less harmful to the environment than a conventional surfboard that doesn’t use renewable fibers from different plants and other organic materials.

Cocoflax Technology
Amazingly light, yet strong, high-end eco-friendly performance boards featuring natural flax rails.

• Uni-directional (UD) flax fiber rails. Flax is a highly durable, reinforced fiber made from the flaxseed plant and helps to reduce the use of fiberglass, minimizing our overall carbon footprint even more.
• NSP’s CocoFlax construction was awarded Product of the Year at the 2019 Paddle Expo in Nürnberg, Germany. And it doesn’t just look good; its technology is at the vanguard of green surfboard technology.
• Visually unique board with an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio.
• Light to carry, easy to maneuver and even lighter to paddle.
• Responsive flex and strength give the confidence to push your limits in any conditions.

Dream Rider Cocoflax Construction 2024

Dream Rider Video

Dream Rider profile

NSP Dream Rider

Dream Rider CocoFlax features

Dream Rider CocoFlax Gallery

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    Bag details

    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    Board sock 7'6"7'6" x stretchy7'2" and 7'6"
    Surf day bag 7'4" 4mm229 x 68 cm7'2”
    Surf day bag 7'10" 4mm249 x 68 cm7'6”
    Surf travel bag 7'4" 8mm229 x 68 cm7'2”
    Surf travel bag 7'10" 8mm249 x 68 cm7'6”

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