Ty Judson reviews the NSP Airwave Hydrofoil

About Ty Ty Judson is an International Team rider for NSP, avid racer and overall waterman hailing from Australia. You can follow him on his Facebook channel and instagram under @tyjudson_ Apart from going fast and winning races, Ty’s an experienced foiler. Having tried several models in different constructions, shapes and sizes before, we sent Ty [...]

Winter training for SUP Athletes

With the Northern Hemisphere covered in snow, grey skies and long nights, stand-up paddle enthusiasts may find their time on the water is not what it used to be a few months back. Winter Training is important, so how do you go about keeping in shape? After all, stand-up paddling is a little unique compared [...]

Annie Reickert joins NSP

We’ve been agonizing the last couple of weeks, trying to stay hush, but things are final now, Annie’s boards have arrived and we are SUPER STOKED to welcome an amazingly well-rounded water woman on the International Athlete Team! Trent Pedersen, CEO NSP: "An accomplished surfer, a dedicated racer and quickly building a reputation as a foiler [...]

Dutch Teamrider Morene Dekker

Morene joins NSP as an accomplished long-distance paddler and engaged waterwoman who loves to explore the waterways of the Netherlands, alone or together with M & M clients from M&M SUP Amsterdam. Coming from a background in journalism, she made the change from working indoors to outdoors and hasn't looked back since. So anyone looking to check [...]

Sarah Tiefenthaler is NSP’s global Yoga ambassador

WELCOME SARAH NSP is excited and proud to announce that we are teaming up with Sarah Tiefenthaler. Well-known within the community of SUP-yoga, Sarah hosts events, clinics, workshops and educates other practitioners, helping them becoming certified instructors as well. Central to the SUP-yoga community, Sarah has helped the growth of SUP-yoga immensely, hosting both paddle clinics [...]

Wave pools in 2019

updated Tuesday 8.01.2019 Kelly Slater's Wave Company buys NLand Surf Park Towards the end of last year, World Surf League (WSL), majority shareholders of the Kelly Slater Wave Co., quietly purchased the struggling Texas Surf Park. As mentioned further down in the article, all current manufacturers are still working out kinks and NLand was no [...]

Carolina reviewed in-depth

Disclaimer: The paragraphs below were written by Ted Schatz (#IG), a recreational paddler who likes to go fast, just like Ricky-Bobby. So naturally, Ted connected with Jeramie Vaine at one point, who is NSP's North American Team Manager. Bob and Kim were also instrumental, as their shop "Gorge Performance" has been Ted's go-to place for demos and [...]

Ty Judson wins Sand and Sea Festival 2018

The South Coast of NSW comes alive in October when Jervis Bay plays host to Australia’s largest multisport Sand and Sea Festival. Just 2.5 hours south of Sydney, this inaugural festival brings together competition, recreation, clinics and exhibitors showcasing stand-up paddle, windsurfing, kite surfing, ocean paddling and much more. Ty Judson made it to Jervis Bay [...]

NSP’s CocoFlax Technology wins “Product of the Year” at 2019 Paddle Expo

Last week saw the Paddle Expo in Nürnberg, Germany. Lauded as one of the biggest conventions in the industry, manufacturers and retailers come together to discuss trends, product development and of course to present their current line-up. In that vein, the Product of the Year award is a tradition of the expo where manufacturers have [...]

2019 New CocoFlax construction now available

10.10.2019 Update: CocoFlax technology was voted "Product of the Year" at the Paddle Expo 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany Building on the success of NSP’s patented pending CocoMat technology, both NSP surfboards and stand-up paddle boards will benefit from new CocoFlax technology in the 2019 line up. For SUP, the Cruiser, Allrounder and the DC Surf [...]

2019 Protech now in white

Protect range now also in white With the excitement of the new 2019 NSP line-up we don’t just want to direct all the attention to our brand-new construction technology this week, because even though NSP CocoFlax is a major development and another big step towards a more ecological feature, we’ve also worked on another NSP [...]

Travis wins 4th Molokai title

After this 2018 victory, Travis and NSP now hold the most Molokai wins of anyone competing in this legendary race. This is what Travis had to say after he crossed the finishing line about his battle over 1st place with Connor Baxter: "I got away, but sort of tried to make Connor chase me. You can [...]

Travis reports from the APP London Sup Open 2018

Travis Grant is an elite NSP paddle athlete, holding several world titles under his belt, including Molokai, the Carolina Cup, King of the Harbour NZ and countless others. Travis contributed on several articles on this website like: Technique with Travis - Properly securing your board Technique with Travis - Leashes Technique with Travis - Improving [...]

Titouan takes 1st place at Hossegor 2018

After Bilbao being a river race, the Hossegor race course may start on a canal too, but it is renowned for its Atlantic tide and the more rougher conditions on the open water. Naturally, offshore specialists were eagerly anticipating this event, especially those paddlers who had a bone to pick from previous stages. But with [...]

Four advantages of racing dugout boards – Technique with Titouan

Technique with Tituoan When a competitive edge can make the difference between a 1st or 2nd place on the podium, athletes usually take notice. In SUP racing, a dugout offers an interesting range of advantages over more conventional shapes, allowing a Ninja, Sonic or Carolina more glide, a more efficient paddle stroke and an overall more stable feel despite [...]

Technique with Travis – Leashes

Technique with Travis This little tutorial on the use of leashes is one of several clips in an NSP exclusive series of short, instructional videos by Travis Grant. In this episode, Travis points out the different options there are and like Travis, we can't stress enough how important the use of a leash is: Always use a [...]

Saving the planet, one Coconut at a time

From the entire NSP line-up, a CocoMat Surfboard is our most environmentally friendly product you can buy, and yet it doesn’t compromise on performance. All thanks to the outstanding performance of the natural fibers used, and some smart R&D for the production process. But very few people know how CocoMat boards actually came about. The [...]

Technique with Travis – How to do buoy turns

Technique with Travis This buoy turn tutorial is one of several clips in an NSP exclusive series of short, instructional videos by Travis Grant. His tips and techniques will help racers like yourself to improve and perhaps iron out some of the kinks in your current routines. Travis explains great buoy turn techniques About Travis Travis [...]

Carolina Cup, Travis Grant and the Sonic

Arguably the biggest SUP event in the world right now, the Carolina Cup is about to kick off in two days. Traditionally held at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, the event has been around since 2011. What makes the Carolina Cup so great is the community spirit of the event, where total beginners are just as welcome [...]

Update: Protech now available in all-white

Update 04 Nov: With the initial batch of Protech coming to dealers in Arctic Grey, Sky blue, Aqua and regular blue, 2019 Protech boards are now also available in gorgeous matte white. Think of Protech as lighter than Elements HDT construction, but considerably less fragile than hand-glassed surfboards. Available at a very attractive price point, [...]