Ivan Puente

Ivan Puente


Home Spot:  Mera, Galicia  – Spain
Disciplines: SUP Racing, SUP surfing
Sponsors: NSP, Land Board


I live in Mera, Galicia, in the Northwest of Spain. It’s an undeveloped area of the country with good waves and strong winds. I have always been drawn to watersports, starting to surf at seven, and eventually coming to SUP Surfing – and it instantly clicked.

A year later I met my current team, SUPmera, where I discovered new sports such as SUP Racing, Windfoil, etc… Since then I began to further develop my skills in these sports, beginning to compete in events at the National and International level, and little then finding myself at the top of the podium in Big Events.

I love competing and improving myself day after day, facing new goals that exceed my expectations, and above all, never giving up. My ideal conditions are heavy waters and downwind runs, where I feel very comfortable and enjoy this wonderful sport to the fullest.

That’s all! See you on the water!!!!


Carolina Pro Carbon 20.5


Spanish Champion Elite RESISTANCE
Spanish Champion Beach RaceB, sub18 camp
2nd Place Long Distance Elite Galician Champion
Spanish Champion Long Distance Galician circuit
Spanish Champion by CCAA Beachrace, sub18
2nd Place Spanish Championships by CCAA Beachrace Elite

Long Distance Spanish Champion, sub16
Sprint Champion Spain open Sea, sub16
Sprint Champion Spain Flatwater,  sub16
SUP WAVE Champion 2nd place, sub18
Galician Champion LARGA DIST/SPRITS, sub18
Long Distance 1st place Galician circuit, sub18
Spanish Champion in CCAA BEACHRACE, sub18
12th in the world LONG DIST, sub18

Spanish SUP WAVES Champion Sub18