Kieran SURF SUP Launch High Roller & Instigator

NSP Releases new SUPsurf range

NSP is proud to present the NSP High Roller and Instigator- the all new SUPsurf range and latest addition to our dedicated surf SUP line.

Shaped and designed by Alain Teurquetil, the High Roller and Instigator breathe new concepts and functional design into NSP’s dedicated Surf SUP range. Both models come exclusively in SLX Flax, a lightweight construction ideal for hardcore wave rides and we can’t think of a better way to introduce this new technology than our new SUPsurf range.

SLX Flax provides a light, but durable build with the right type of flex.

High Roller

Continuing the longboard SUP philosophy, NSP wants  SUP riders to perform all the classic longboarding moves, on a high-performance SUP board designed to win.

High Roller – Five amazing shapes in the new SUPsurf range

Equipped with a classic 2+1 fin setup, these shapes come in two different lengths, and five widths, making sure dedicated longboard SUP riders can choose their ideal High Roller, regardless of size or conditions they like to ride.

The EVA standing area has grown in size, offering the rider more grip as you make your way to a noseride, Alain has done away with the speed channels and swallow-tail, opting for reduced tail width for surfing performance and control.

For the different sizes, weights, fins included and other info, make sure to head over to the High Roller product page:

Learn more about the High Roller
new SUPsurf range - High Roller


An exciting new take on hardcore Surf SUP shapes by Alain Teurquetil.

Immediate standout features are its squash tail, and hard tail edges, but this shape also benefits from a deep single concave, nose-to-tail and a slightly curvier rocker line, complimented by an outline that’s heavily influenced by performance shortboards.

Available in four sizes from 7’0″ and 75 Liters up to 8’6″ and 117 Liters.

The Instigator – four sizes in the new SUPsurf range

– Vacuum-bonded SLX (Super Light Epoxy) core is our lightweight and durable SUP surf construction
– Biaxial glass and Paulownia wood veneer deck for improved impact resistance
– Uni-directional flax rails for superior flex control and increased durability
– Eco-friendly option with SecureCell core, bio-resin, Paulownia wood veneer, and flax rails

For the different sizes, weights, fins included and other info, make sure to head over to the Instigator product page:

Learn more about the Instigator
new SUPsurf range - Instigator

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