Christian and TotalSUP sit down to discuss the new Cheetah Pro Carbon

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So how does NSP develop a brand-new Raceboard?

Our friends at TotalSUP and NSP Teamrider Christian “Polar Bear” Andersen got together to discuss the development cycle of NSP’s latest Pro Carbon Raceboard, the Alain Teurquetil-designed Cheetah.

Consider The Cheetah a response from NSP’s Research & Development team to the growing popularity of short-format racing.

The excerpt below offers a glimpse into the full TotalSUP article, go check that out online!

“Each board needs a clear purpose in the design stage, how did you take it from an idea to reality?  

We already knew the Puma was a great all-round board, so we wanted to take that design and work on making it even better. 

The first thing we wanted to do was make a slightly recessed deck, but not a deep dugout. I like the idea of flat decks, but they are often much more unstable especially when it’s a narrow board. So we wanted to have the feel of a flat deck with all the benefits that a dugout board offers at the same time.”
Text courtesy of TotalSUP

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Christian Andersen

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