Han Ji-Won NSP Teamrider Korea 01

JiWon Han


JiWon Han NSP Teamrider Korea 02


Birthday: November 4th
Home Spot: Yangyang, Korea
Disciplines: Surf
Sponsors: NSP


Since childhood, I have enjoyed physical activity, enjoyed sports, and loved it. During my school days, I trained Taekwondo for a long time
and got a certified four-tier certificate.

I like to challenge new things and have a friendly personality that makes me happy with small things. I love all kinds of sports, so much
that I got a physical education instructor’s license because I enjoyed bodybuilding and baseball as a hobby. Nowdays, I enjoy surfing,
tennis, and cricket the most.

I also love sea and water sports, so I learned how to ride longboard at Mulchi Beach in Yangyang in 2023 and I constantly enjoy the waves.
In January 2024, I first learned how to ride shortboard on a month-long Bali trip, and I was fascinated by the dynamics.
Someday, I want to enjoy longboards, midlengths, and shortboards all.

I always hope to enjoy the waves with good people anytime, anywhere somehow! 🙂