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New Fireball wing is now online

The all-new Fireball is the latest Airwing by NSP, a rigid, powerful and easy-to-tune wing that comes in a six-size range from just 2.7m² up to 7.2m². If you can’t wait to see the specs and all details yourself, check out the product page here. Otherwise, have a look at the video below going over the different features of the all-new Fireball:

So who’s it for?

Think of the larger surfaces for entry-level to intermediates, while the smaller 2.7m² and 3.3m² are ideal for high-wind conditions, aerial stunts and progressive foiling.

The Fireball is a free-ride wing, easy to tune and will inflate from any SUP or kite pump, thanks to two Halkey-Roberts valves on the leading edge and strut.

Independent strut and leading edge bladders allow you to tune your Fireball to your liking, and deflating is a lot faster from two valves than from one.

The new valves also work with regular iSUP pumps and no longer require an adapter to inflate them, adding to your convenience.

new Fireball TPU window
new Fireball valve

New Fireball key features

The all-new Fireball develops power easily, gets you up on foil quickly and features key components that will improve your foiling experience.

The low aspect design avoids tip-dragging and increases the amount of control you have over your wing, while the dihedral shape balances itself while in neutral and delivers with less swing weight.

We’ve reduced the number of handles, and added additional harness line mounting points, which we’ve reinforced in a similar manner to the leash mounting points.

The bag was redesigned and equipped with a waistband, making it a friendlier product for day-to-day use, and there are countless other tweaks, reinforcements and improvements we made over the original design.

With the original Airwing being available in four sizes, the new Fireball range expands, offering six sizes ranging from just 2.7m² up to 7.2m². Do check out the product page for additional dimensions here.

Surface Wing Span Chord Strut Handles
2.7m² 239 cm 149 cm 3
3.3m² 264 cm 164 cm 3
4.0m² 291 cm 181 cm 3
5.0m² 325 cm 202 cm 3
6.0m² 347 cm 227 cm 3
7.2m² 368 cm 258 cm 3

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