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Protect your equipment with the NSP Paddle bag.

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Now that you have invested in some great and high-performance paddling gear, you will want to protect it with a well-designed bag that holds up to two NSP paddles easily and can travel with you anywhere you go.

Paddle bag design

  • Durable padded 600D bag, widened for paddles
  • Holds two paddles in pockets separated by a cushioned wall
  • Adjustable length
  • Compatible with all NSP paddles
  • Dimensions: 165 – 222 cm
  • Perfectly compliments the NSP Premium Raceboard Bag

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Paddle Bag Options

Paddle bag 2021 and 2022

Travel tips

It’s our experience that airport baggage handlers, or basically anyone handling your luggage is going to stack.

So putting your paddles on top of a board, is likely going to result in another board being placed on top of it. If enough boards are stacked, your paddles are likely to suffer from the weight and stress placed on them.

Tying your bag to the side of a board bag, on the handle side is going to avoid this problem.

Make sure there are no moving parts in any of your equipment bags, as this is the main cause of transit damage by far – scratches, dents and structural damage.

Prior to booking, you may want to check if the airline counts your paddle bag as an extra item, in which case you may want to add it to your board bag.

And finally (this applies to both board bags and paddle bags), make sure to distribute weight evenly. Baggage handlers are going to be gentler with your equipment if the bags handle well.

If you add additional clothing and other items that weigh down a bag on one side, your bag is going to be dragged around, no way around it.

Distributing weight evenly will make sure that your equipment can simply be grabbed by a handle, carried to a conveyor belt without dragging or crashing into things, and arrive home safely.


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