Marta Apanasewicz - Poland

Marta Apanasewicz

Marta Apanasewicz


Birthday: January 6th
Home Spot: Gdańsk, Poland
Disciplines: SUP Racing
Sponsors: NSP, Paddleboardguru,


Marta has lived in Gdańsk since birth, her family’s beloved city, characterized by it’s amazing beach and long history. Her family calls her Tusia, but for strangers, she is known as Marta.

She has always been involved in sports because her dad was initially into running, then football, and cycling, so he always encouraged her to stay active. She began with artistic gymnastics and then transitioned to athletics, which was her first sport-love.

However, she faced a need to change schools to continue her athletic pursuits, giving up on high-quality
education. For that reason she gave up on it. She has graduated from a great high school in the city of Sopot, her primary training location.

Currently, she is enrolled in the Sports College in Gdańsk, which is her dream come true. She is studying
Sports Diagnostics, which helps her understand a wide spectrum of sport intensifying her interest in stand-up paddleboarding even further. Her current focus is perfecting her technical skills and
understanding her body better.

Her SUP journey began during swimming camps, having fun on the boards. Two SUP trainings a week was the standard for the next few years. Now, everyday training sessions are a part of her average week. With increasing competition and successes, her love for SUP – especially sprint
categories grew.

This has prompted her to push even further. She is currently the best female paddler in Poland and aspires for greater (international) success.


Ninja Pro Carbon



•       Two times 2023 Polish Champion, along with LD Silver Medal
•       Final B – Sprint, Technical ICF Worlds, Thailand
•       MVP (3 times Gold) at Planet Baltic SUP Race 2023
•       Gold (Technical) at ICF qualifier Skreastrand, Sweden
•       4th place ICF World CUP Agios Nikolaos – Open Sprint
•       2nd place Czech Cup Finals – Technical Sprint)

•       4th place ICF Worlds in Gdynia, Poland (Sprint, Junior)
•       Three times ICF Polish Champion (juniors)
•       3rd place Agios Nikolaos – Sprint
•       MVP Title at Planet Baltic SUP Race
•       Overall Winner of the Polish Cup

•       Three times ICF Polish Champion junior (Sprint, Tech, Long)

•       3rd place ICF Polish Championships in Open (as a junior)