Speed Line PU

The Speed Line PU is your all-day, everyday mid-length with a modern classic design. A wide point forward section, a pulled-in tail, and soft rails contribute to ease of paddling and effortless trim. It has a drive for miles and a loose tail, thanks to a single- to double concave. Available in three sizes and two different designs, there is a classic Noosa Speed Line for everyone.

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Rail: Full
Bottom: Single to V
Ideal waves: 2-6ft
Level: Beginner – Expert

Speed Line Design:

A Speed Line has the added foam of a mid-length but maintains the ability to explore the open face. Single box fin with quad FTU side setup permits adjustable fin configurations for a superior allround board experience. The 6mm stringer doesn’t just look pleasing, it also improves the strength and rigidity of the board.

About Tully
The Speed Line is a Tully St. John design, the owner and shaper at legendary Laguna Bay Longboards in Noosa, Australia. Tully’s shapes have been honed on the long-running walls of Noosa’s Surf Reserve and its many surrounding beach breaks – the glide and flow of this PU mid-length design is unmistakable Tully.


The five-fin box system on the tail section that’s Futures compatible offers plenty of tuning options. Combine a center fin with side bites or go quad on average-to-smaller days. Keep the thruster setup for the bigger days when conditions allow for committed turns.


Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
7'2"22 ¹/²"2 ³/⁴"49.5 L4.91 kg
7'6"22"2 ⁷/⁸"54.0 L5.21 kg
7'10"22 ¹/⁴"3"58.8 L5.57 kg


Why does the table say TBA/ “To Be Announced” under “Weight”?

Weight is an all-important spec of your boards and to make sure our products meet your expectations, we take the average weight of a production run instead of singling out a single board. Once we have a good sample size of production boards,  we add the average weights to these dimension charts.

Speed Line Colour Options

Speed Line Clear and Sea Foam
Clear Sea Foam

PU Construction

Speed Line PU construction diagram

A classy handmade board using heritage construction techniques with modern deep gloss color tints.

–  Traditional custom-shaped polyurethane (PU) core.
–  6mm Wood stringer.
–  Highest quality materials finished with a super deep gloss for a custom board finish.

For that vintage look and feel from other shapes, look into the NSP Fighting Fish, Hooligan, the Dream RiderSleep Walker, Kingfish, or Endless.

Now available in clear PU coat as well, these boards combine mesmerizing looks with classic shaper designs.

PU & PE boards

PU as a construction refers to a board built from a Polyurethane blank with Polyester resin, whilst PE refers to a Polyurethane Blank with Epoxy resin.

2022 PU Construction

These have long been the standard for most brands and are the most widely and affordable option still out there. Due to the core’s density, a PU Speed Line will sit a little lower in the water. Similar to a Magnet, this makes it easier to keep your rail under and gives that slicy or “knifey” feel. Protech- or Elements Funboards have an EPS core with different characteristics.

Being a touch heavier also helps PU boards to handle choppy conditions better and are less prone to being bounced around. Sitting lower in the water also has its benefits to barrel riding, providing more hold in hollow waves.

Pulled in the tail with 4+1

Designed as a 4+1, a Speed Line will accommodate a variety of fin configurations for your riding pleasure. Try out hollow Indo reef breaks or the peeling points of Noosa, it all becomes accessible and easy to tap into.

Speed Line profile

Speed Line video

Speed Line PU Features

Bag details

Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
7'6" Board Sock7'6” x stretchy7'2" and 7'6"
9'0" Board Sock8'0” x stretchy 7'10"
Surf day bag 4mm 7'4"230 x 69 7'2"
Surf day bag 4mm 7'10"250 x 69 7'6" and 7'10"
Surf travel bag 8mm 7'4"230 x 697'2"
Surf travel bag 8mm 7'10"250 x 697'6" and 7'10"