2pc Coco Hybrid Adjustable 86

The two-piece Coco Hybrid Adjustable paddle with an 86 sqi blade is modeled after our popular and award-winning Cocomat construction.

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two-piece Coco Hybrid Adjustable 86 design

Coco Hybrid paddles are made from organically grown coconut husk fibers and are extremely durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Its design is based on the carbon Speedster with an extra pronounced dihedral, for efficient paddling. Equipped with full ABS rail for extra protection against dings and scrapes:

  • Blade Area: 86 sqi or 555cm²
  • Shaft Length: 170 – 212 cm
  • Shaft/blade angle 10°
  • Shaft: 29mm
  • Adjustable performance clamp

50% carbon, adjustable and Coco look

With a mere 590 grams, the Coco Hybrid Adjustable 86 is the lightweight option for recreational paddlers who are eco-conscious and who like to travel with their paddle or share with others. It also complements the look of the CocoFlax paddleboards.



Coco Hybrid Features

Adjustable performance clamp

The NSP paddle clamp system has evolved and this new design allows for easy one-handed adjusting. Once closed, the clamp maintains a tight seal, keeping out unwanted water and weight. An inner groove on the shaft mechanically locks its handle in place and aligns it with the blade – no more twisties!

Built with bio-based polymers

All composite paddles by NSP are baked after a bio-based polymer is applied. Supplied by Entropy Resins, we are aware that even bio-based epoxy impacts the environment. But replacing petroleum-based materials with renewable plant-based resources is a good move, recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Entropy Resins products meet the program criteria and are all USDA Certified Bio-based Products.

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