Voyager D-Tech

A Voyager D-Tech is a versatile and durable shape, making it the perfect choice for weekend hobbyists and full-time enthusiasts alike.

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Combining flatwater stability, surf performance, and durability with our new Dura-Tech (D-Tech) construction, the Voyager is the perfect combination of going anywhere and doing anything.

Voyager D-Tech design:

  • All three Voyager D-Tech sizes (9’8”, 10’2”, and 11’2”) are designed with maximum stability, maneuverability, and control in mind.
  • Single- to double concave bottom with a light Vee throughout to help generate speed and maintain smooth transitions from turn to turn.
  • Fin box options to optimize the conditions or suit your preferred fin setup.
  • Evenly distributed volume with a round nose and tail provide a stable standing position.
  • Standing guides on the deck are perfect for beginners to find their standing positions.
  • Ideal for venues looking to provide a little extra fun on the water


Accessories Included

  • Nylon Fin 8 Grey

    Nylon 8" Fin for the 9"8, Nylon 9" Fin for 10'2 and 11'2

  • MFC Designed Side Fin

    2x FTU side fin

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
9'8"31 ¹/²"4 ⁵/⁸"180 Liters12.28 Kg
10'2"32"4 ⁷/⁸"203 Liters12.93 Kg
11'2"32 ¹/²"4 ⁷/⁸"225 Liters14.68 Kg


Additional Information

Voyager D-Tech design features

Tried and Tested Shape

To develop the Voyager we combined the shape from the highly stable and popular HIT range with the bottom of the Elements Cruise, merging the two and redesigning the outline and rails for smooth gliding and handling. The result is a very accessible SUP with all-round capabilities in a wide range of conditions ranging from flatwater paddling to small and medium surf.

Designed for Commercial Use

Durable and safe for commercial use; the full deck EVA pad with standing guides lets beginners safely explore the board and find their balance in confidence. The soft and grippy EVA on the Voyager D-Tech also provides a higher level of comfort for anyone who kneels for extended periods when paddling. Bungee cords at the nose are great for securing Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s), bags, water bottles, or other personal items. Reinforcements along the rails, nose, and tail protect a Voyager from paddle scratches, bumps, and other impacts.

Voyager D-Tech construction

Voyager D-Tech construction uses eco-friendly SecureCell EPS cores that are fully wrapped in fiberglass. Once laminated with epoxy resin, the core is sealed in thermoformed ABS and then wrapped with a tough reinforced rail band. All of This increases the board’s longevity, durability, and impact resistance.

Voyager D-Tech construction also features a deck covered with premium thermoformed EVA paddling and riders get to use a multi-purpose handle that makes carrying and moving the board easier than ever before, creating a SUP product that is all about handling, comfort, and reliable commercial performance.

Voyager Construction

Construction of the Voyager D-Tech

D-Tech stands for “styrene-acrylonitrile”, an extremely tough plastic hull which is reinforced with a rail band. The inner construction uses an eco-friendly SecureCell EPS core that is fully wrapped in fiberglass.

These different materials combined increase your board its longevity, durability, and impact resistance.

2023 D-Tech Voyager Construction

Voyager Features

– Locking anchor hole
– Bungee cord for cargo
– Carry handle
– Standing guides
– Thruster fin box setup

Voyager Profile

Voyager D-tech paddle board profile

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    Bag details

    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    SUP day bag 9'8" 4mm304 x 96 cm9'8"
    SUP day bag 10'2" 4mm327 x 95 cm10'2"
    SUP day bag 11'6" 4mm360 x 97 cm11'2" and 11'6"
    SUP travel bag 9'8" 8mm305 x 95 cm9'8"
    SUP travel bag 10'2" 8mm328 x 96 cm10'2"
    SUP travel bag 11'6" 8mm361 x 98 cm11'2" and 11'6"

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