CSE Equalizer

The Equalizer is a Carl Schaper creation, who loves to shape and designs boards for waves of consequence.

Carl originally started out shaping surfboards in Florida and Puerto Rico. Back then, he would take on longboard shaping requests just to familiarize himself with the requirements of creating big guns. Fast forward to today, and Carl has over 30 years of shaping guns in Hawaii under his belt. Some of the very best big-wave riders in the world are Carl Schaper customers.


The Equalizer features outline- and rail combinations that have been tried and tested on Oahu’s notorious North Shore. The same goes for the rocker lines, bottom contours and fin placement.


The thicker stringer (12mm), the additional layers of cloth and thickness all add to the strength of the Equalizer, without negatively affecting the flex. 


Available in four sizes with 5 FTU fin boxes, making them compatible with any Futures® Fins*

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Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
7'4"19 ¹/²"2 ⁷/⁸"42.5 Liters3.75 Kg
8'4"20"3 ¹/⁴"54.5 Liters4.50 Kg
9'4"20 ³/⁴"3 ⁵/⁸"70.7 Liters5.62 Kg
10'0"21 ³/⁴"3 ³/⁴"82.5 Liters7.67 Kg


A word on the CSE Equalizer & big wave surfing

Compared to other high-performance boards in our line-up, The Equalizer stands out as bigger, thicker and heavier. Riders will want to catch waves without that same monster overtaking them, and this is where paddling speed is essential. Excessive length helps your paddling speed, along with some thickness that allows you to knife into the wave early, negotiate the drop and plant some rail in the water.

More weight will also allow you to get the necessary momentum and will counter the updraft you will have to deal with when you are catching waves at some of the bigger wave spots.

If you are in the business of conquering some very serious waves, getting an Equalizer is the ticket. Where owning a legit big wave gun used to require an experienced rhino shaper, you can now hit up your favorite shop on your way to Indo or Portugal.


Shaper’s Union

The CSE Equalizer is a Shaper’s Union creation, a collaboration between NSP and world-class shapers like Carl Schaper. Established to bring new energy and high-performance to the surf line-up, Shapers Union is NSP’s way to showcase the incredible skill and talent of some of the most accomplished shapers in the world.

Residing on the island of Oahu, Carl Schaper operates from the legendary Sugar Mill, creating some of the best guns and pocket rockets for surfing royalty from Hawaii and beyond. His knowledge of shaping and construction is an essential part of the Shaper’s Union DNA. 

Equalizer Features

Equalizer construction

Equalizer shapes are designed with NSP’s custom surf lay-up featuring a 36g EPS core, 12mm wood stringer, and proven Hawaiian Gun glassing combinations. For the exact glassing specs, check the diagram at the bottom of the page.

*Layup Deck / Bottom
7’4″   4 + 6oz + 4oz patch / 6oz
8’4″   6 + 6oz + 4oz patch / 6oz
9’4″   6 + 6oz + 4oz patch / 4 + 6oz
10’0″ 6 + 6 + 6oz + 4oz patch / 6 + 6oz


Equalizer profile


CSE Equalizer Action

Bag details

Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
Board sock 7'6" 7'6" x stretchy 7'4"
Board sock 8'6" 8'6" x stretchy 8'4"
Board sock 9'6" 9'6" x stretchy 9'4"
Board sock 10'0" 10'0" x stretchy 10'0"
Surf day bag 7'4" 4mm 229 x 68 cm 7'4"
Surf day bag 8'6" 4mm 270 x 68 cm 8'4"
Surf day bag 9'6" 4mm 298 x 70 cm 9'4"
Surf day bag 11'0" 4mm 348 x 78 cm 10'0"
Surf travel bag 7'4" 8mm 229 x 68 cm 7'4"
Surf travel bag 8'6" 8mm 270 x 68 cm 8'4"
Surf travel bag 9'6" 8mm 298 x 70 cm 9'4"
Surf travel bag 11'0" 8mm 348 x 78 cm 10'0"

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