NSPiration Mat

The NSPiration Mat is a direct result of the fitness market evolving.

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Being in close contact with the gyms of our city, the NSP product team saw the need for an incredibly functional and inflatable yoga mat. This inflatable mat allows your gym to easily teach fitness or yoga classes in the pool, a lake, or even the sea.

NSPiration mat design:

• The dimensions are perfect for fitting several units in a pool, and the ability to offer water-based group classes will give your gym or resort a competitive advantage.

• The NSPiration Mat comes with a double-sealed rail band for durability and strength, making sure your equipment will easily put up with a host of classes. Whether they are kids, advanced yogis or the elderly curious to try out something new.

• 6″ drop stitch for increased rigidity and more float.

• Reinforced, heavy-duty D-rings to make sure your mat stays in position and retains its shape perfectly during prolonged exercises.

NSPiration mat specs

• Full EVA Deck pad
• 4x Neoprene padded handles
• Bungee strap to attach gear
• Plenty of extra-reinforced D-rings to attach exercise bands
• Extra D-rings on the rail and bottom for anchor points
• Triple-reinforced rails for strength and rigidity.
• Double sealing rail band for durability and strength
• Recommended pressure 15 – 18 PSI


For yogis who prefer an inflatable mat that is more of a stand-up paddle board, we recommend looking into the Lotus Inflatable, the Lotus P2 Soft or the NSP Lotus Cocomat.


Accessories Included

  • High Capacity Double action pump

    High-capacity double action pump

  • Deluxe lightweight backpack

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
8'0" | 243cm36" | 91cm6" | 15cm330 Liters11.6 kg (total weight 16.2 kg)


NSPiration Mat Color Options

Inspiration Mat FS 2021, 2022


NSPiration mat build diagram

These floating exercise mats are built with NSP’s FS (drop-stitch Fusion) technology, similar to the inflatable Lotus FS, The Pioneer and both the Cruisers:

– Thermoformed Full EVA Deck pad
– Fusion reinforced double layer glueless pre-lamination
– Double layer rail construction with double sealing rail band
– stiffness and acts as extra flotation in case of a puncture to the outside chamber
– 6-inch drop-stitch provides more buoyancy and rigidity.
– Double sealing rail band for durability and strength

2024 Nspiration Mat inflatable construction with text


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