Cruiser FS

Inspired by our most popular Allround shapes, the new NSP Cruiser FS inflatables are perfect for cruising, touring, and exploring.

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Feel at ease knowing you have a double chamber of extra flotation should you run into any trouble. The recommended pressure for the Cruiser FS is 15 – 18 PSI and 12 PSI for the center chamber

Cruiser FS Design:

• Rounded square tail for increased stability
• Fusion reinforced double layer glueless pre-lamination
• Double-layer rail construction with double sealing rail band
• Double air chamber with reinforced sidewalls provides additional stiffness and acts as extra flotation in case of puncture to the outside chamber.
• 6-inch drop stitch provides more buoyancy and rigidity.


Make sure to check out the Cruiser FS WS as well.

Cruiser FS Fin:

The Cruiser FS comes standard with a 9″ dolphin center fin.


Accessories Included

  • Premium Bag and Double action pump

  • NSP Shoulder Strap

    Shoulder strap

  • 9” Dolphin center fin

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
10'0"32"6"288 Liters11.20 Kg (total weight 17.90 Kg)
10'6"33"6"308 Liters12.95 Kg (total weight 19.65 Kg)


Additional Features

Cruiser FS construction diagram

• Action camera mount
• 2x D-rings for shoulder carry straps
• D-rings on the nose, deck and bottom – nose ring for tying off or towing, tail D-ring for the leash.
• Thermoformed EVA deck pad and kicktail pad for extra grip and durability compared to standard EVA.
• 4 point cargo straps to carry extra gear
• Neoprene carry handle
• Recommended pressure 15 – 18 PSI and 12 PSI for the center chamber

2024 Inflatable Cruiser FS SUP Construction

Cruiser FS Video


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