When SUP brings back an X-treme waterman to the ocean!

Who is Eduardo “Chore”?
My name is Eduardo, but everyone knows me as Chore, my alias.
I live in Santander, north of Spain, so I´m surrounded by sea. I started watersports in 1987, first Bodyboarding going on to be a professional, I started Longboarding, Surfing, Bodysurfing along the way… and in April 2009 I tried for the first time Stand Up Paddle in Santander, but never stop other surf disciplines. The 31st December 2012 I broke a vertebra bodyboarding a massive wave, so my life changed a lot. Stand Up Paddling helped me physically and psychologically rehabilitate, and I started to compete in 2015. Now I love and enjoy Sup Race, Surf Race, DownWinds, White Water (SUP River), and just paddling to stay fit.

What is your favorite spot and why?
It depends of the sport and modality; that´s the best of being a waterman.
I don´t care big or small, flat or shore break, I enjoy every surf and SUP session.

What makes Spain one of the best place to SUP and Surf in the world?
All north Spain (Cantabric Sea) is a privileged place to Surf with incredible beaches.
We have mountains very close, so the landscape is so beautiful with rivers to White Water, and a lot of estuaries and bays if you are looking for flat water also.
Can you share us one of your craziest experience on your board?
Too many crazy experiences, with big waves, strong winds and dangerous rivers, but I love to be there SUPing on my board and with my friends.
Why should people try SUP?
It´s very healthy, it´s for everyone, and you are gonna see the world from a different point of view. 
Doing sports wrapped in nature is the best in the world; just flow.
For you what makes NSP so unique?
I have a photo riding a NSP Funboard 6´8″ in 2006, and I know the history of NSP, because I started sell the brand in 2004; NSP were the first to make resistant boards and for everyone. 15 years after, they´re on the Top, with the best materials and constructions. 
Looking forward to seeing the new boards of 2018!
Thanks a lot to NSP and all the brands and people who make things happen, it allows me to do what I love! Being in the water with my Friends !