Weekend Racing!


Photographer: Ryan Guay – Rider: Travis Grant

NSP’s Superstar Travis Grant will participate to the RedBull Heavy Water. The event will start in the water at Ocean Beach and goes in-and-out through the surf before heading north for a mini-marathon to the Golden Gate Bridge, with the winners crossing the line inside San Fran Bay close to where the big Battle of the Bay went down last month. The event will be live streamed on RedBull.com from around 9am Friday morning (San Francisco, CA. TIME)

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French Championship,  October 21st & 22nd

NSP Titouan Puyo Puma 2018
Photographer: Laurent Nevarez – Rider: Titouan Puyo

Titouan Puyo, Alexandre Bicrel and Gab Bachelet will give their best all along this weekend, to follow and support the frenchies stay tuned on our Facebook page!

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NSP RACE 2018 For the thrill of the race !