Passionate paddler and water woman, Susanne is combining her business and her training in rhythm with the ocean. Susanne created her life around watersport!

1) Who is Susanne Lier?

I’m German, but I became a Swiss resident 14 years ago and I spent my winters in Fuerteventura Spain. So I call 3 countries home !
I’m a passionate paddler and waterwoman and I love to use all my ocean toys at home in Fuerteventura to make my training more fun and efficient. I’m a family person and I’m grateful to have great people in my life who support me in all my projects and who push me to reach my goals.


2) How long have you been competing in standup paddling?

I fell in love with SUP in 2010 and since the first stroke I was hooked and created my life around this sport.
I participated in the first races in 2012 and I’m seriously competing since 2014. Competing is not all my life, but I really love sup racing in the ocean, the training, the lifestyle around it and meeting my friends and paddlers from around the world in the events and trips.

3) What does a normal day for Susanne look like? Walk us through your routine…

A typical day in my life starts with a coffee and a healthy breakfast ;-). I prefer my Fuerteventura routine. Checking some mails in the morning.Depending on the conditions of the ocean and wind, I have the choice to surf, sup surf, race training, downwinding or paddling with my outrigger. After that, I’m back in the office and I try to go in the afternoon or evening for another training session in the water.
I’m a very lucky person and I work hard to live this lifestyle.

4) With 2017 almost done, how did it go and what goals do you have for the next season?

2017 was a very busy race season for me and I had my up’s and down’s. Choices had to be made and I tried to choose the events well. My season was well prepared with the support of my coach Vincent Guillaume and I tried to keep my physical fitness level until the end. I finish my season with top 24 in the world ranking which makes me very proud as I could not compete last year as much as I did this year.
The plan for 2018 is already in preparation. Maybe M2O 2018? I was this year on an escort boat and could experience the race from the other side. The aim is to enjoy training and racing and to be the best athlete I can be.

5) You’re not only a  SUP racer, you also have a business to take care of! Tell us about your other activity and how do you manage it with competition & training?

That’s actually the biggest challenge, combining my company and my training and race schedule. Unfortunately is the high season of my work in the summer it means a lot of managing and a lot of choices. I’m self-employed in the SUP industry since 2015. I’m the co-owner of 2 SUP center in Switzerland and here I teach and coach during the summer. Our centers are the point of sales for SUP material and we work very close with the NSP distribution.
I opened the Watermen Performance Center in Fuerteventura in 2016 and it’s an amazing project to create a place where athletes and amateurs can train in the best conditions. We organise special training weeks with professional paddlers or themes during the winter. We have the best material in the Canary Islands and we offer different services to create the best athletic holidays!. I’m so looking forward to this winter season and it starts with the special training week with Titouan and Vincent Guillaume the 11. – 18.11.2017.
I have no real time off,  but that doesn’t matter if you love what you do.

6) For you what makes NSP so unique?

The people behind the development of the boards make the brand special to me. They are all passionate about surfing, glide and performance.

To support Susanne: www.watermenperformancecenter.com