Congratulations to Team NSP for their successful weekend. It was the first important weekend racing of the year with the Gla Gla race in Annecy France and the Shoe Island Challenge in Pauanaui New Zealand.

  • With Travis Grant finishing 4th at the Gla Gla race, it was great to see him in a wetsuit and using the flatwater NSP Ninja! Even after a long career Travis continues to surprise us all by seeking fresh new challenges in conditions far from his usual shores of Hawaii.
  • Florence Teurquetil, wife of NSP designer Alain Teurquetil won the 14 ft female short distance course on her NSP Puma!
  • Vincent Guillaume, Titouan Puyo’s coach also participated on his NSP Ninja 12’6/23.5  finishing 3rd of his category.

While NSP riders and ambassadors were paddling in the cold wintery conditions, Marcus Hansen and team NSP NZ lead the Shoe Island Challenge on the other side of the globe in the idyllic New Zealand seaside town of Pauanui

With a solid start the year, 2018 is shaping up to be a very exciting year ahead!