Hugs is half Labrador so he likes Lazing around and sleeping a lot but if you grab a stick or his surf life-jacket he’s roaring and ready to go. Hugs surfs with Jonesy or the family kids but can surf solo if the waves are small and running to the beach. Hugs lives on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Hugs loves putting his head under the water and looking for fish; we’ve seen him hold his breath for 20 seconds. He lives for the beach, swimming, surfing and chasing after the stick, this would be his favourite thing to do.  He’s a big softy and enjoys big cuddles from the three family kids, I suppose that’s why he’s called Hugs. He has a freaky good sense of balance on the surfboard, He can get down really low when the waves are pretty steep and it’s nearly impossible to knock him off. He’s a Spanador breed, half Labrador half Spaniel so pretty much designed perfectly to be a surf dog.