Tell us a little about yourself… when did you start racing, your achievements, your favorite races, your most fond memory while racing?
I started SUP in 2012, I have won 4 State Titles & 2 Australian Titles. 2 X King of the Cut Champion and 1 X Doctor Champion. My favourite races are anything downwind such as Hood River, King of the Cut and my most fond memory whilst racing is completing M2O.
How did it come about that you joined NSP racing and foiling? Who has been your mentor and your influencer?
NSP are taking charge in the foil scene and they are committed to achieving new designs and technology.
How did you get involved in foiling? 
Do you prefer sup or surf foiling and why?
What size boars are you riding in sup and surf?
What fAirwave oil wing size do you prefer for downwinding and for surfing?
I got involved in foiling when the sport seemed to be moving into that direction. I prefer surf foiling over SUP because the mobility of the board, also it is great to be able to catch waves with just a board and no paddle. I currently ride a 3”4’ x 19” with the airwave 1325 with the 70 Mast and for downwinding I use the airwave 1700 with the 80 Mast.
What is your favorite spot to foil?
My favourite spot to foil is The Pass at Byron Bay because there are long fat waves the roll into the Bay. It’s also a beautiful part of the World.
How does the NSP Airwave compare to some of the other models on the market? The airwave has a better control and stability in waves throughout turns. It has a lot more speed when pumping.
Will you be involved in the development/testing process of the race and foil boards?
I hope to be involved in the NSP foil board testing and development.
6. What are your future plans for racing?
My future plans for racing are King of the Cut and I will see what next year brings.
7. Do you think foiling will head into a competitive sport?
I hope foiling will become a competitive sport. Molokai has already had 2 years of racing with incredibly quick times.
8. Have you tried wing foiling? Do you like it and does it have a place as a competive sport?
I haven’t tried wing foiling yet but I am keen to give it a crack.
9. You and Titouan were teammates once, how is it now to join him on a smaller elite team?
You had the chance to meet Ty Judson, will you be working together to train and push each other ?
Ti2 is an incredible person and athlete, it is great to be on the same team once again. Ty and I will be meeting to do a lot of testing and developments with race boards with Alain.