This past weekend NSP was part of something new, a change from the ordinary and traditional stand up paddle events. Less of a race, more an adventure that was part Burning Man, part Red Bull Flugtag

The team at Red Bull and their usual outside the box approach to everything, wanted to create a stand up paddle event for everyone. From the racers to the new paddlers, college students, adventure enthusiasts and everyone in between.

The Red Bull Privateers was an adventure far from the typical race setting where many of us need everything in perfect order; race time course map, structure, food, water and so on. This was a race through unexpected obstacles with a treasure hunt, proving it was less about speed, training, or the fastest boards, but more about team work, strategy and a solid understanding of the 10,000 islands and their layout.

The event was originally set in November, but due to the damage of the hurricane, the team at Red Bull switched gears, postponing the event and instead organized a clean up of the Rookery Bay Estuary. A massive amount of debris was taken out of the water by over 130 people with full support from Red Bull and the Rookery Bay Estuary. This clean up solidified our support for the event, and re-emphasized our desire to support the Red Bull Privateers  more than ever! In addition to providing man power thanks to Jeramie Vaine and friends, NSP USA also donated boards and paddles.

The Red Bull Privateers was a success in creating something for the local SUP community that had never been done before. It brought new paddlers together with experienced racers, fitness and recreational paddlers, forged new friendships , and solidified why our sport is all inclusive. No matter the age, ability, level, or type of board or brand.

We are all eager to take part in the next edition of Red Bull Privateers… be it in USA or elsewhere.

Big thanks to all involved, especially Red Bull Events, Jeramie Vaine, Capital SUP, NSP USA and Marissa Williams for the photos.