2019 Protech now in white

Protect range now also in white

With the excitement of the new 2019 NSP line-up we don’t just want to direct all the attention to our brand-new construction technology this week, because even though NSP CocoFlax is a major development and another big step towards a more ecological feature, we’ve also worked on another NSP board technology.

NSP Protech

In addition to a Sky Blue, Aqua, Blue and Glacier Grey finish, Protech boards are now also available in white. All Protech boards come with fins included so you’re ready to rip right out of the box.

If you haven’t ridden one – check with your dealer for a demo day because you will not regret it. This construction really hits that sweet spot where durability, performance and price come together in a very attractive (and white) package.

Feedback on the Protect boards, both from end-consumers and retail has been consistently overwhelming, and with the increasing demand for Protech boards we wanted to extend the premium look. So in addition to the arctic grey which we offered so far, all the boards will now also be available in matte white. The initial production samples came out great, having a PU-like quality to them. During the test sessions in Portugal, Bali and the usual stress testing, the boards performed like all Protech boards – durable, ding resistant and with the right amount of flex

Protech Funboard
The 2019 Hybrid, Fish, Funboard and Longboard

The new, all-white Protect boards come in all sizes for the NSP Longboard, the NSP Funboard, the Fish and Hybrid respectively. And while the pictures look good, they hardly do the new boards any justice until you see one for yourself. So check your nearest dealer, get in touch and find out whether there are any white Protech boards available for sale or a cheeky demo.

Carbon Flex tail
All Protech models retain the small rail window, revealing the carbon construction of the tail section. While we don’t subscribe to the “cool aesthetic” of a carbon tail section, we wanted to show this important detail. After all, its a key component in slowing down the inevitable crushing and/or denting of the tail over time.

The more time you spend riding a board, the more damage your back heel will dish out, and eventually dents will appear, degrading into bigger dents, causing serious damage. Carbon reinforcement keeps your tail together and creates the right amount of tension for you to keep pushing your surfing.

Eliminating waste from the production process
Protech boards with EPS cores keep out damaging moisture, but by using pressurized moulds in the production process, NSP consistently reduces the amount of foam waste. This preserves valuable resources, making surfboard production greener and more affordable.

A secure-cell EPS core adds to the ding resistant construction of the Protech boards. EPS stands for (fused) expanded polystyrene, an improved version of conventional polysterene, where pressurized moulds fuse the individual foam beads together, eliminating the tiniest of cracks and voids where moisture can seep in.

A significant reduction in wasted resources

Instead of shaving down the entire shape from a blank and creating a serious amount of polyethene waste, pressure moulding takes the polysterene in a fluid state and forces it into the desired shape.

Not only does this save time, it also reduces the amount of shaping required by more than 95% and last but not least, the outer layer of the board consists of compressed cells instead of damages ones. This helps the structural integrity of the final product enormously.