Surf Race 20

Designed and carefully crafted to deliver the desired fin properties required in SUP racing: tracking, stability, efficiency, speed and
acceleration. Suitable for pros and intermediates alike, these performance fins have been optimized to maximize efficiency:
– Foil design is optimized specifically for the speeds of SUP Race board
– Forgiving foil design that minimizes drag even at high angles of attack
– Plan form minimizes tip vortices while stabilizing the board at speed
– Flex properties produce smooth and stable board reactions, even in chop, bumps and rough conditions
– Generates forward lift when swell energy passes over the unique foil design, giving the rider a forward speed boost that is noticeable, resulting in faster runs.
– Light weight and strong
– Designed and developed exclusively for NSP by NSP race team
– Available in three sizes to best suit your board size, strength, weight and conditions
Most men start with 24cm, Women start with 22cm and Pros use the 20cm

Length: 200 mm

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