Designed for the weekend warrior. The NSP Funboard paddles easily and catches waves early; getting you up and riding more often. The NSP Funboard the name says it all.

Rail: Full
Bottom: Single to Vee
Ideal waves: 1-6ft
Level:  Beginner – Expert

–   A stunning combination of fantastic value, durability and performance. The Funboard is one of the most popular in the NSP range for progressing skills.

–  Semi-rounded nose with low entry rocker design puts more volume up front to give more paddle power to catch waves early and easily.

–  Domed deck profile allows a forgiving but sensitive rail feel, while the pulled in, rounded pintail is providing control to bottom turns and cutbacks.

–  Concave bottom creates a fast water transition through to the tail – providing balance and control in a range of conditions.

–  The tri-fin thruster setup guarantees speed and liveliness, with enough hold to ride out your line.

Accessories Included

  • 3X M7 Fins

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
6'8"21"2 ⁵/⁸42.13.71
7'2"21 ¹/²2 ³/⁴49.03.97
7'6"21 ³/⁴2 ⁷/⁸54.44.14

Bag details

Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
NSP 05 Surf L228 x 687'2"
NSP 05 Surf XL248 x 687'6"

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