P2 Soft Flatwater

The P2 Soft Flatwater is a unique blend of paddling stability, comfort, sustainable cruising speeds and glide. Flatwater is about the joy of paddling and these boards are equally fun on an estuary, river, lake, coastal cruising, fitness training or short open water runs in light conditions.

P2 Soft Flatwater by NSP - Pivot turn in Thailand

This board is recognized by the Sustainable Surf Foundation as a Level One Eco Board;

“An ECOBOARD is a high-performance sustainable board. It has the same technical performance attributes as any modern water-sport board, while having reduced environmental and toxic impacts.”

– Designed by NSP’s race design team to be a fantastic choice for recreational flatwater paddling and short distance touring.

–  The board is equipped with bungee inserts on the nose for cargo straps to take food, water, lifejackets and camping gear.

–  NSP also offers this shape in Elements construction, with eco-friendly bio-resin which provides durability and value.

P2 Soft Technology
Creating the P2 Soft construction is all about safety and providing a platform that enables students to learn in the most efficient way possible. And while the P2 Soft Flatwater is not necessarily the ideal beginner board, the full-EVA cover will allow for plenty of mistakes and ensures nobody using this board will injure themselves.

The P2 core is identical to NSP’s SecureCell EPS, fully glassed in a durable fiber epoxy shell with eco-friendly bio-resin. While the top part of the board is covered in EVA, the bottom features slicker PE for a smooth glide through the water.

Nose and tail protection
Fully protected on the nose and tail with rubber bumpers. The soft top and soft bottom is a favourite for every tour operator, rental center and resorts.

Accessories Included

  • Hatchet 9.0 Nylon Fin

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
11'0''30''6 ⁵/⁸235.512.17 kg

Bag details

Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
SUP day bag 11'0" 4mm347 x 93 cm11'0"
SUP travel bag 11'0" 8mm348 x 94 cm11'0"

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