Fisherman O2

The adventure, hunting, fishing and whitewater river board, the Swiss Army knife of the NSP range. Versatile and fast-paddling, this board is dedicated to getting you there faster while providing a stable and dependable platform for hunting and fishing action. The O² Fisherman board includes three deck-integrated Scotty mounts for attaching a wide variety of fishing- and outdoor specialty accessories.To complete the ultimate Fisherman, NSP offers the O² Fisherman Set* of accessories, delivering the complete essentials into one convenient pack – available to order from your NSP dealer:

– Fisherman Seat

– Kayak Paddle Blade

– Fisherman 2x Cargo Straps

– Fisherman Leg Strap

Accessories Included

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Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%

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Set up the NSP O2 Fisherman in 30 seconds with Jeramie Vaine

How to set up the ultimate fisherman board in 30 seconds with Jeramie Vaine! The Swiss Army knife of the NSP range includes three deck integrated Scotty Fishing Products mounts for attaching a wide variety of fishing and outdoor accessories!"Live The Adventure "#NSP #Livetheadventure #USA #SUPandSURF #Surf #surfing #Fishing #SUP #race #boards #StandupPaddle #performance #technology #ligther #faster #stronger

Posted by NSP - Surf and Stand Up Paddle Boards on Monday, 20 November 2017