O² Race FS

SUP racing is an incredible sport, whether you race competitively or paddle once a week to stay fit. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with enough storage space for a dedicated race board. Athletes wanting to do away with roof racks and cumbersome transportation should look into the NSP O² Race FS.


Specifically designed for racers with a limited amount of storage, the O² Inflatable Race FS fits in a backpack. Constructed in premium inflatable FS technology, it  is available in four sizes and this very complete package includes a high-pressure double action pump.

Comes with convenient dual-compartment backpack

– Carbon Spine Tec stringer on deck and bottom Fusion reinforced double layer glueless pre-lamination
– 2” Mount for GPS / GoPro®.
– D-rings for PFD attachment on the tail.
– Neoprene carry handle.
– 9” Race center fin.
– Bravo double action pump.
– Super deluxe dual compartment backpack.
– Full line of Scotty-compatible aftermarket accessories available.

Pro Carbon alternatives
NSP has one of the most successful racing programs in the industry, and our dedicated race board division is a collection of high-performance and uncompromised winning machines. The Molokai Unlimited Pro Carbon for no-holds-barred channel crossings and other monumental downwind races. The Ninja Pro Carbon for wicked flatwater performance. The Sonic Pro Carbon is a recessed allrounder, suitable for open water and the Puma Pro carbon is a flat-deck equivalent. The Carolina Pro Carbon is our latest and greatest raceboard for all conditions, winning races both locally and on the different international tours.

Accessories Included

  • 9” Race center fin

  • Super deluxe dual compartment backpack

  • Bravo double action pump

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
12'6"25"6"280 liters10.15 kg
12'6"27"6"295 liters10.6 kg
14'0"25"6"303 liters11.1 kg
14'0"28"6"325 liters11.7 kg

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