O² Allrounder FS

The O² Allrounder FS is a new and improved inflatable by NSP, evolved from the O² Allrounder SR. Windsurfers can add a rig to their setup and leave the paddle on the beach when the wind is right, and record everything. The GoPro® camera mount on the nose will allow you to record your journey. A convenient shoulder strap allows you to carry your board around while keeping both hands free.

Kieran from SUP Gear Australia talks through the Allrounder FS

Ditch the roof racks today and score some paddle strokes on the fly. These go-anywhere inflatables are something else. Inspired by our most popular shapes, O² inflatables are perfect for cruising, touring, exploring and racing even.

– Fusion reinforced double layer glueless pre-lamination
– Integrated windsurf mount (not designed for sub-planing conditions) GoPro® camera mount
– 2x D-rings for shoulder carry straps
– D-rings on nose deck and bottom
– Square groove thermoformed pad for extra grip and durability
– Kicktail deck pad
– 4 point cargo straps
– Neoprene carry handle
– 9” Dolphin Fin
– 2” soft side fins
– High-pressure double action pump
– Super deluxe dual compartment backpack
– Full line of Scotty aftermarket accessories available

Super deluxe dual compartment
backpack included

Light, stiff and durable
To make sure your inflatable is as rigid and strong as possible, the Allrounder SR employs glueless fused and reinforced double layers on both the deck and bottom. Its sides feature dual railbands for added durability, along with an extra layer of double rail sealing tape.

For a more basic O² Allrounder, O² Allrounder SR offers a simplified package at an attractive price point.

Accessories Included

  • Allrounder FS

    9" Dolphin fin

  • High Pressure Double action pump

  • Super Deluxe dual compartment backpack

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
9'2"29"5"195 liters8.35 kg
10'0"32"6"285 liters10.2 kg
10'6"33"6"305 liters10.85 kg
11'0"34"6"325 liters11.35 kg

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