NEW NSP Sonic Pro Carbon

A downwind, recessed shape will allow you to effortlessly link bump after bump
The NSP Sonic is our open-water, downwind raceboard, but it performs exceptionally well in crosswind and upwind conditions too. These boards are at their very best when you hit some chop or string together bump after bump on Ocean swell.

By lowering the center of gravity across the entire shape, not just the standing area, athletes benefit consistently from the improved stability, even when they are on the back of the board.

For the evolution of the NSP Sonic concept, we focused on increasing its stability, especially when riding off the back of the board. Narrowing the shape has allowed us to create a faster shape without losing stability.

Carolina inspired tail design
Borrowing the tail concept of the Carolina instead of last year’s pintail, has been a key ingredient in the evolution of the Sonic.

The NSP 22 and 24 racing fins are designed to deliver top performance: Expect excellent tracking, stability, efficiency, speed and easy acceleration.

Hardcore Race performance
Think of a new NSP Sonic as a serious performance upgrade, but with the identical performance in heavy Ocean conditions that our riders have come to love. The tail shape identical to the new Carolina allows athletes to switch effortlessly between the Carolina and Sonic, without having to adjust their paddling style.

These improvements over the previous edition allow riders to go narrower, and with the overall increase in performance, the new Sonic comes in just two hyper-efficient sizes.

Cockpit technology

By using Innegra™ Carbon for the rail lips in favour of “conventional” biaxial carbon, one of the most ding-prone areas on any raceboard is drastically reinforced without weight penalties. Ding resistance, durability and damage tolerance all increase, protecting your equipment.

NSP Sonic

Now, all recessed NSP Raceboards benefit from this new construction, along with Uni-directional rail bands (on the side) and 100% biaxial carbon layups on the deck and bottom of the boards.

Inside the cockpit, the Sonic comes with a single handle on a balanced fixture point.

Four drain holes quickly expel excess water from the dugout. A patented GORE® vent near the GoPro (or GPS) fixture point prevents a pressure build-up, allowing oxygen to pass but keeping out moisture.

Accessories Included

  • Race 22 for 14'x22"

  • Race 24 for 14'x24.25''

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
14'0''22''Recessed Deck264.7 L11.14 KG
14'0''24.25''Recessed Deck291.4 L11.78 KG

Race Chart

Bag details

Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
Race L-XL448 x 95 cm14'0''

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