RTM Technology
The NSP J7 RTM Fins are an after-market accessory for riders wanting to tune their fin cluster. RTM, or “Resin Transfer Moulding” produces lightweight performance fins, offering great flex, speed, manoeuvrability and responsiveness. Best used in a variety of all-round surf conditions, the J7 RTM Performance fin (112.5mm) are supplied as side biters and center fins.

Two J7 fins, set up with a Wave 6 centre fin.

Suitable for:
Boards in the DC series, like the DC Surf Wide or the DC Surf X respond well to bigger fins when the waves are powerful and you need that extra bite. Heavier surfers tend to favour bigger fins, so keep that in mind when you are looking to upgrade.

Also, if your style involves a lot of back-foot surfing, having a pair of J7 fins will help your style, keeping the tail from sliding and improving bite.

Available in two other sizes; J3 (112.5mm) and J5 (115mm) and J7 (120 mm).

Center/ Left / Right

120.0 mm

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