RTM Technology
The NSP J5 RTM Fins are an after-market accessory for riders wanting to tune their fin cluster. RTM, or “Resin Transfer Moulding” produces lightweight performance fins, offering great flex, speed, manoeuvrability and responsiveness.

Best used in a variety of all-round surf conditions, the J5 RTM Performance fin (112.5mm) are supplied as side biters and centre fins for both the DC Surf X and the DC Surf Wide, giving these boards a fast and loose ride.

Suitable for:
Riders wanting to upgrade their NSP Allrounder in Cocomat or Elements construction to a fin with a little more bite.

Best used in a variety of all-round surf conditions, riders whose style is back-foot heavy will benefit from the added bite and their board will slide less and slash more with RTM fins.

A pair of J5 RTM works well in combination with the Wave 6 Centre Fin, in thruster setup or with a J7 (120 mm)

Available in two other sizes; J3 (112.5mm) and J7 (120 mm)

Center/ Left / Right

115.0 mm

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