HIT Cruiser

The HIT Cruiser is ideal for schools, rental centres and resorts. It’s your all-round, family-friendly durable paddleboard. We used the all-new and super durable High-Impact Technology (H.I.T.) to create a new recreational shape. What we created is the ultimate platform for business owners looking for a board that customers will take out again and again.

Secure or unlock multiple boards with a single cable

This board is recognized by the Sustainable Surf Foundation as a Level One Eco Board;

“An ECOBOARD is a high-performance sustainable board. It has the same technical performance attributes as any modern water-sport board, while having reduced environmental and toxic impacts.”


The HIT Cruiser 10’2″ and 11’2″ are designed with stability, glide and easy turning in mind. Volume is evenly distributed through the standing area while the wide round nose and tail really help with a stable standing position. The tail section of the HIT Cruiser SUPs benefit from a concaved vee-bottom that makes turning even easier.

To develop the Cruiser, we worked on a proven shape from the successful Elements range and improved the outline, rail and bottom shapes for a better glide over flat water. This directly affects the all-round paddling performance for everyday use, but with some key design characteristics, accomplished paddlers will also appreciate taking this Cruiser into small and medium- waves.

A standing guide on the deckpad will help your guests finding their standing position the very first time they enter the water.

Accessories Included

  • 8" Dolphin fin for the 10'2"

  • 9" Dolphin fin for the 11'2"

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
10'2"32"4.875"203 liters12.71 KG
11'2"32.5"4.875"226 liters13.92 KG

Bag details

Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
SUP M326 x 96 cm10'2"
SUP XL360 x 99 cm11'2"

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