Elements Funboard

The Elements Funboard is designed for the weekend warrior wanting to paddle in easy and catch waves early. Get ready to pop-up and ride more waves.

Ruben Afonso charging on his 7'2 Elements Funboard
Ruben Afonso charging on his 7’2 Elements Funboard

This board is recognized by the Sustainable Surf Foundation as a Level One Eco Board; “An ECOBOARD is a high-performance sustainable board. It has the same technical performance attributes as any modern water-sport board, while having reduced environmental and toxic impacts.”



Rail: Full
Bottom: Single to Vee
Ideal waves: 1-6ft
Level:  Beginner – Expert

Available in two designs, the Elements funboard comes with three nylon M7 fins. For riders wanting more grip from their board, or simply looking for a different setup from their fin clusters,  J7 RTM upgrades from NSP are available. Find them listed further down below under “optional accessories”.

–   A stunning combination of fantastic value, durability and performance, the Funboard is one of the most popular shapes in the NSP range for progressing skills.

–  Semi-rounded nose with low entry rocker design puts more volume upfront to give more paddle power to catch waves early and easily.

–  A domed deck profile allows a forgiving but sensitive rail feel while the rounded pintail is pulled in adding control in bottom turns and cutbacks.

–  Concave bottom creates a fast water transition through to the tail – providing balance and control in a range of conditions.

–  The five fin box system offers the option of stock tri-fin or optional quad-fin set up to optimize the fin cluster for your style or for the surf conditions.

Consider the NSP funboard the “in-between” – halfway between the longboard and the fish. Often considered the next step for a surfer who has spent enough time practising on a longboard. Not quite ready yet for a fish or a shortboard, Elements Funboards are a great platform for quick progression, whether you are renting at a surf school or as an owner of an Elements Funboard.

Five-fin box system

The five-fin box system offers the option of stock tri-fin or optional quad-fin set up to optimize the fin cluster for your style or for the surf conditions. On average-to-smaller days, go quad, and keep the thruster setup for the bigger days when conditions allow for committed turns.

Accessories Included

  • 3 x M7

Tail Dip Navy

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
6'8''212 ⁵/⁸42.14.1
7'2''21 ¹/²2 ³/⁴494.45
7'6''21 ³/⁴2 ⁷/⁸54.44.81

Bag details

Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
Board sock 7'0"7'0" x stretchy6'8''
Board sock 7'6"7'6" x stretchy7'2" and 7'6"
Surf day bag 7'0" 4mm218 x 64 cm6'8"
Surf day bag 7'4" 4mm229 x 68 cm7'2"
Surf day bag 7'10" 4mm249 x 68 cm7'6"
Surf travel bag 7'0" 8mm218 x 64 cm6'8"
Surf travel bag 7'4" 8mm229 x 68 cm7'2"
Surf travel bag 7'10" 8mm249 x 68 cm7'6"

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